Best Tequila for Margaritas: Top 5 Bottles

Best Tequila for Margaritas: Top 5 Bottles

The main ingredient that made up the all time favorite of most people, margarita is tequila. Tequila is considered the oldest distilled drink in the world. It is also North America’s very first alcohol that is commercially produced. Pulque is tequila’s early ancestor. It is made by the pre-Hispanic natives and was a brew rich in vitamin.

During the early 1520s, pulque was distilled by the Spain’s Consquistadors. Before the drink was named tequila, it was named a couple of terms like agave wine, mescal brandy and mescal tequila.

As opposed to the common beliefs of the many, tequila does not originate from cactus. The fact is it is made from distilled sap from agave plant hearts. This plant is a relative of amaryllis and even lily.

Mexico supplies the majority of tequila. It came from a Mexican state also known as Tequila. It is because the country homes about 136 species of agave. Even so, only blue agave or agave tequilana Weber azul is permitted for use of producing tequila.


The absolute Best Tequila for Margaritas

Real tequila is divided into four general categories.  These are white or silver, anejo or aged, gold or oro and rested or reposado. Some enjoyed drinking it on its own while the others were used for making frozen margaritas.

Most would ask what can be the best ingredient to make the perfect margarita. To have the best, perfectly made and blended tequila should give you mild pepper and grass taste with some hints of floral and citrus.

You will know you have made the best margarita if you can bring all the flavors of agave particularly the grass and pepper taste to the beverage.

The triple sec and tart lime must be in combination of the citrus flavor that can improve the taste to deliver the aromatic and floral aspect of the tequila. You prepare a poor tasting margarita if it is very sticky and sweet.

Below are our best choices to make mouth watering margaritas.



Casa Noble Crystal

This is the blanco type that gives a distinct flavor way beyond pepper, fruit and grass. There is also a mocha taste that brings interesting taste once mixed with the bit of oil consistency of Casa Noble Crystal. With such, you cannot find the same dessert flavors like the ones that anejos can offer.

Casa Noble Crystal is the best pick if you are looking to drink a margarita with fruity treat apart from the roastiness and chalky. Adding this to margarita can bring out robust and drier not like the usual blanco.



Herradura Reposado

Any drinker would simply fall in love with this variant once served. This must be the best one for you if you are looking for archetypal kind of margarita. This has triple sec, lime and tequila all mixed up evenly yet the spirit that it offers embrace high standards of lemongrass, red pepper and menthol flavors.

In the year 1974, the first variant of herradura was introduced as Reposado tequila. Reposado type requires to be aged for about 11 months inside wooden barrels. With that, it developed soft flavor mixed with agave in order to produce the best tasting rested tequila.

This type is very popular within Mexico because of its spirit that earned the best reputation among the others. For more than 24 years, Casa Herradura already produced 100% blue agave tequila. The traditional best tasting drink is already available in over 50 countries worldwide.




This type is a tropical mixture made from liquor of lime and imported tequila. This can be consumed directly or enjoy it in margarita. This is perfect for a great cocktail treat.



Grand Marnier

This is liquor with orange flavor created by Alexandre Marnier-Lapostolle in 1880. Just like the rest of tequilas, this is made from distilled essence of bitter orange, cognac brandy blend and sugar. It contains 40% of alcohol.

The other lines of Grand Marnier can also be mixed in desserts and drinks as it is consumed neat. The drink originates from France and Marnier Lapostolle is the manufacturer.




This is now a very iconic drink that can produce easy to drink and smooth margarita. Most people who tried it stated that the liquor is made from smoky, sharp and too sour taste of lime.

This tequila brand is also from Mexico made by Patron Spirits. It is available in a couple of variants such as Gran Patron Piedra, Gran Patron Burdeos, Patron Anejo, Patron Silver, Gran Patron Platinum and the Patron Reposed. For those with sweet tooth, a variant with coffee blend, chocolate coffee blend and orange flavor are also worth to try.

The most famous kind for this type is Patron Silver tequila. This drink is versatile as Patron Silver is blanco hence it does not have the oaky character. For frequent margarita drinkers, you can expect to taste plain ol’ agave or some fruit. This can best produce ultra classic kind of margarita.



Those are only the five best tequila kinds for margaritas that anyone can plunge on while on a night out. Aside from the above mentioned, Mexicans have got other ways to enjoy tequila. It can be with sangrita that can be related to the famous drink called ‘Bloody Mary’.

The other way is known as bandera that is made up with three shot glasses. This made up the three colors found in the flag of Mexico. The three glasses has white tequila, lime juice and sangrita.

No matter how a person would like it to be, tequila is certainly a drink that any person would enjoy and savor the flavor as the night getting deeper. This is why, most bars and night clubs serve this drink as most drinkers simply love its taste.

Tequila is simply a fascinating drink that can be enjoyed with margarita recipe, by shot or with sangrita. This is the only one with the unique spirit that can maintain great relaxation and fun.

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