Best Vodka for Shots: The Top 5 Best Bottles For Parties

Best Vodka for Shots: The Top 5 Best Bottles For Parties

Aside from whiskey, rum, and tequila, vodka rings a bell every time you visit clubs or bars.

Vodka is among the many lists of alcoholic drinks that can be considered as ‘staples’ in order for a bar to run well. Vodka is used to be able to make several other drinks that consumers love. If you happen to be a new comer in nightclubs or bars, this drink can be a fresh start to liven up your spirit and party all night.

This drink is made primarily from ethanol and water that undergoes distillation process. It sometimes has traces of flavors and impurities.

Before vodka is only made from distillation of fermented potatoes or grains. Yet as the world turns and modern innovation enters the picture major brand names reinvent vodka and added sugars or fruits.

When we hear of vodka, not all knew that this drink has several kinds. It comes in different types and some of the most famous ones are listed below.



Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya is among the most famous Russian vodkas and considered a true icon for vodkas around the globe. It has pure distilled spirit that originates from finely selected grain.

The grains are filtered using quartz sands and birch charcoal. After such, it is blended with only the purest water to preserve its taste. It comes with different flavors of fruits and dairy such as citrus, cranberry, orange apple, vanilla, honey, salted caramel and many others.

The alcohol content by volume is 40%. Because of the distinct flavor and taste, it is well loved and often requested by many drinkers.



Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is somewhat new for the market of vodka yet it was an instant favorite by many after it has been sold to Bacardi.

It is made from the softest wheat grown during winters on farms within the fertile region in Northern part of France.

Only the highest and finest wheat grade is used to make this drink as it is the same wheat used to make the famous pastries and breads in France. This wheat is even regarded as ‘superior wheat’ to make bread.

After the fermentation and distillation of wheat grain to high proof spirit it will be blended with the purest spring water. To make the water the purest, it is filtered then the vodka is bottled with replaceable cork and not a screw cap top.

Grey Goose is the first in line to produce tradition of Maitre de Chai. This enables the produced aromas during the process of distillation that can only be found in this type of vodka.

This can be purchased with several variants like Le Melon, La Poire, Cherry Noir, Le Citron, and L’Orange.



Three Olives Vodka

Three olives vodka is manufactured and distributed by the company based in the US named Proximo Spirits. It was imported to the United States even though the brand is made and produced United Kingdom.

It is made from four times distilled winter wheat that is harvested in England. With the fact that only the finest ingredients were used to make this drink, its flavor is truly mouthwatering.

The alcohol by volume depends if the vodka is flavored or not. Flavored three olives vodka contains about 30-35% while unflavored got 40% of alcohol.

This type of vodka can be purchased unflavored or the clear ones and flavored infused. The variety of flavors ranges from fruit even to dairies. With flavorful bubblegum, dark cherries, coconut, tropical fruit, chocolate, root beer, espresso and a lot more. Any drinker both men and women will surely love this vodka.



Ciroc Vodka

Ciroc vodka is regarded as the among the world’s finest. It is made in France by the brand, eau-de-vie vodka.

This type is produced and distributed by Diageo, a multinational company based in Britain. Ciroc was first introduced in 2003 and even if it is not that famous among common people, party or club goers truly love this vodka.

As per the maker of Ciroc, this vodka is different among the other types because it derived from fresh grapes. It did not make use of corn, potatoes or grains. This vodka lives the real vodka qualities because the product is distilled at 96%.

Ciroc vodka also comes in a couple of variants such as apple, peach, pineapple, coconut, amaretto and snap frost.



Ultimat Vodka

Ultimat vodka is produced from Poland. It is distributed by the company Patron Spirits. The drink is made from well blended pure water, wheat, rye and potato. It is also distilled three times.

This premium made beverage made use of wheat to attain smoothness, rye for its complexity and potato to give its body. These three ingredients are also mixed with pristine water and will go through innovative process of distillation known as hydro-selection.

To make the taste more powerful, it is also filtered with the use of ceramic filter that looks like candles. It is known as carbon candle filtering.

The alcohol by volume of this drink is about 40%. Because of the three ingredients that made up this vodka, drinkers can expect smooth, body and complex that can make someone to ask for more.

You will immediately notice this type of vodka once you see a bottle of well-designed cobalt blue crystal.


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There are certainly several vodka types in the market. The above were only some of the major types of vodka known all over the globe. When this drink is taken moderately and responsibly, anyone would agree that this can be a relaxing treat after a hard day’s work.

As for the cost, the market offers different price range of the drink. There are high end or expensive vodkas and some were quite affordable for regular drinkers. Its cost truly varies because of the processes that a certain type of vodka undergo is not the same as the other.

With the unique taste and aroma that vodka can offer, it can truly satisfy the thirst of any drinker to find perfect taste out of a bottle.

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