Craft Beer Club Reviews: Is this craft beer of the month club worth it?

craft beer club

A lot of people are hesitant in joining a service that sends you brewskis every month straight to your doorstep.

For that reason, I decided that it would be a great idea to write a nice, helpful article to explain what you get when you subscribe to Craft Beer Club.

We will first go through a brief run-down explaining what Craft Beer Club has to offer and then we will move on to seeing what experienced customers have to say about the service.


Product Name: Craft Beer Club

Rating: 8/10

Cost: $40 (monthly recurring)

Short Review: Craft Beer Club is the best way to discover new flavors from around the country

Where to find more info:


What is Craft Beer Club and how does it work?

First of all, it is important to cover what the heck Craft Beer Club really is.

Craft Beer Club is a service that promises to deliver beer to your doorstep for a monthly fee.

But these are no Bud Lights you’re receiving! Craft Beer Club delivers beers that were brewed in small batches in lesser-known micro-breweries.

With less focus on mass production and keeping costs down, small breweries are able to focus on perfecting flavor and creating a beer to truly be proud of.

Craft Beer Club doesn’t give you a choice and that is what’s so wonderful about it. You don’t get to choose which beers arrive at your doorstep. That decision is up to the beer connoisseurs at Craft Beer Club to decide.

Yes. It’s wonderful to go to a liquor store and have a world of options in front of you, but that’s not the point of this club. We get locked on our “favorite” brands of brew and become close minded to small companies that possibly have a better product. Craft Beer Club solves that.

So how much does this service cost?

In order to become a Craft Beer Club member, you have to pay $40 a month. This will get you 12 beers a month.

A lot of people wonder what the shipping is like. As we’ll cover later, people have had many different experiences with it.

Keep in mind that an adult has to sign their signature when the beer is dropped off. Since this is alcohol, the delivery guys can’t just drop off your package without a signature.

According to Craft Beer Club, their deliveries take about 6-10 business days.

To close this section, I just wanted to say Craft Beer Club memberships make excellent gifts! There are even free printable beer-related greeting cards available on their site.


What people have to say about it:

Ok, now for the part you came for.

The reviews!

I found positive reviews on youtube as well as mixed reviews on Yelp.

I was very surprised to see the 3-star rating on yelp!

But then I started thinking…

Most people use Yelp when they had a bad experience. I have never met anyone who writes positive Yelp reviews for every single thing they buy.

We’ll be talking about what the negative reviewers had to say, and we’ll give them a chance a bit later.

Keep in mind that their are thousands upon thousands of Craft Beer Club members and only a few Yelp reviews. That just shows that most of the people who love the service haven’t left any reviews yet.

If you enjoy the Craft Beer Club experience, please give it the ratings it deserves on Yelp.

Before I get into the negative-nancy Yelpers, here are a few video reviews/unboxings that may answer any questions that you are unsure of up to this point:

Ok, let’s talk about yelp.

From what I gained after reading the Yelp reviews, two people had an issue with late shipping and one other was complaining that the beer was a bit overpriced.

Both of these reasons are valid problems, but I believe they aren’t the end-all-be-all of the service.

The shipping with Craft Beer Club is interesting. I’ve heard good stories and bad stories. I think it is mainly dependent of where you live in the U.S. Alcohol isn’t the easiest thing to ship and can run into hiccups along the way. If you are in no rush to drink your monthly beer, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Now let me cover the price. $40 might seem a bit expensive when compared to an $8-$20 pack of normal beer at a liquor store.

Since Craft beer has more attention to detail and is brewed in smaller batches at a smaller company, the price is higher because they are creating art, rather than a mass-produced beverage.

Another factor is the shipping and handling. Shipping any food or drink item (especially with fragile glass) can get tedious and expensive. Shipping is definitely another big cost you pay for.

Craft Beer Club is a business after all and has to make a profit, so you are paying for that as well.

At the end of the day, It’s all up to you. Think of all the effort you would have to put in to hand-picking craft beers from around the country. Would you rather have a service do all of the hard work or you?


How can you join Craft Beer Club?

Signing up for Craft Beer Club is easy-peezy.

Go to, click “Join the Club”, and follow the steps that are presented to you.

They give you the option to buy a set amount of shipments, OR you can have your subscription automatically remove.


Final Notes

So is the Craft Beer Club worth it?

If you want high quality beers delivered to your doorstep, from all around the United States, it is the way to go. You’ll be able to discover a ton of different flavors from a ton of unique micro-breweries.

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