Finding The Best Dominican Rum: Our Top 5 Choices

Finding The Best Dominican Rum: Our Top 5 Choices

In the sunkissed island country of the Dominican Republic, rum is the most commonly available drink, second only to water! 

Rum makes up an essential spirit of the Dominican Republic and some of the best rums of the world are brewed on these beautiful islands.

Believe it or not, it is said that it is cheaper and easier to buy rum in this country than a bottle of soda! Can you believe that?

Rum was an important byproduct of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the West Indies and his introduction of the sugarcane crop to this region.

Accidentally or intentionally notwithstanding, it was discovered that rum can be produced when one ferments the molasses, a leftover and “useless” product of sugar production. This magical drink was smooth and stimulating, adding an irrepressible desire for men to brew more of it.


History of Rum in the Dominican Republic

The history of rum and the history of this nation are inextricably intertwined starting with Christopher Columbus right up to Brugal, the rum baron of the world.

The history of rum in this sublime isle country necessarily begins with the mention of Andres Brugal Montener, a Spaniard who moved from Cuba with his large family to settle down in Puetro Plata, a booming port city of the Dominican Republic.

Leveraging on his experience and expertise of distilling rum in Cuba, Brugal founded the Brugal Company. Today Brugal is synonymous with Dominican Republic rum and is one of the largest rum producing companies in the world.

The Dominican Republic rum umbrella usually includes the three Bs; Brugal, Bermudez and Barcelo. 

Bermudez seems to have an even older history than Brugal. Don Diego Bermudez is supposed to have accompanied Columbus during his West Indies sojourn.

The recorded history shows the House of Bermudez was started by Don Erasmo Bermudez in 1852 when he created the Amargo Panacea, which seems to have become an overnight hit.

Julian Barcelo landed in the Dominican Republic in 1929 and set up Barcelo and Co which soon began to produce and market its rum across the entire country and is today an established global brand.

Our top 5 choices among Dominican rums are:



Brugal Anejo Rum:

Made with the expertise gained from over 150 years of rum making, Brugal stands out with its high levels of perfections reached in the distillation process.

Brugal rums are aged in casks to get that smoothness that it has built itself a reputation for. And the reduced yet perfect balancing of sweetness takes this drink up many notches.

The complexity of the flavors in Brugal Anejo Rum is enhanced by aging them in American casks that were exclusively used for aging whiskey.



Brugal Extra Dry:

Brugal Extra Dry delivers a smooth clean flavor and is ideal for on-the-rocks. Other than straight, Brugal Extra Dry blends well in cocktails including fresh-pressed daiquiris and mojitos.

It bears the stamp of the Brugal legend offering less sweetness yet smooth and pure. 

Like all Brugals, this is also aged in casks to achieve world-class flavor and texture perfection and smoothness.



Atlantico Rum Platino

Atlantico Rum Platino is a wonderful blend of molasses-based and fresh cane juice-based rums. The resultant unique blend delivers super smoothness.

The light-flavored rum can be had neat or on the rocks or mixed in one of your favorite cocktails.


Brugal Papa Andres Dark Rum:

bppaBrugal Papa Andres Dark Rum is a handcrafted annual blend with the magic touch of  Brugal’s legendary Maestros Roneros.

Each of the annual blends are unique and have their own inimitable signature flavor and texture. Each of the blend has rums from three different casks each seasoned differently.


The three casks include:

  • Spanish oak casket seasoned with Oloroso Sherry
  • Spanish oak seasoned with Pedro Ximenez Sherry
  • American oak seasoned with bourbon

This unique blend ensures the perfectly balanced and nuanced rum that Brugal annual blends are famous for.



Atlantico Rum Reserve:

The Atlantico Rum Reserve is a Solera-style blend that combines differently aged rums. These rums are selected by hand by the highly seasoned and experienced Master Blenders of Atlantico.

The resultant blend thus combines vibrancy, depth and intense flavors which can be relished with just a cube of ice or simply neat.

The tones in Atlantico Rum Reserve are drier than other rums with overtones of tropical fruits and light oak.


Final Notes

It is believed that in the olden days, long-haul sailors (and pirates) did not drink rum only for pleasure. Apparently three liquids for hydration were stored in ships; water, beer and rum.

Water would turn rancid first; then the sailors moved to the beer whose shelf life was longer than water; when the stock of beer was complete then the rum used to be drunk.

Rum would remain in the hot bowels of the ship for a very long time without spoiling. The drawback, of course, is that rum had the power to intoxicate.

Old stories and legends apart, rum or “Kill-Devil” (if you wish to use of it’s awesome sobriquets) continues to charm and entice drinkers from around the world. And Dominican Republic rums being probably the first to be brewed stands out really tall.

Does your choice match with any of out top 5 Dominican rums?

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