How To Make a Beer Mug Cake For Absolute Beginners

How To Make a Beer Mug Cake For Absolute Beginners

Beer and cake can be a deadly combination mixing the joys of the ubiquitous alcoholic beverage and the sweetness of a beautifully mushy cake.

You can add your own imagination and create images and colors to reflect any festival occasion or event you have in mind like loved ones’ birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Here goes the recipe to make a great beer mug cake:

Ingredients Used:

  • White cake mix (along with all the other ingredients mentioned in the box)
  • One cup water
  • Vegetable oil
  • Egg whites from 3 large eggs
  • Baking spray (any brand)
  • Two 4-inch cake pans (feel free to use any glass jar if you do not have 4-inch cake pans)
  • Butter-cream or vanilla frosting
  • White fondant
  • 1 tsp of cocoa powder
  • Food coloring
  • Paint brush



Preheat your oven to 325 degrees F. Spray your cake pans with the baking spray to prevent sticking.

Mix all the ingredients together in a food blender adding your choice of food color a little at a time.

Once the ingredients are all mixed and blended well, pour the batter into the cake pans filling only half the vessel leaving ample room for the rising of the cake.


Bake for about 30 minutes or till it is done.

While the cake is baking, you can begin coloring your white fondant by adding the food color a small amount every time till you get the right hue.

Once the color is nicely imbibed into the fondant, wrap it up in plastic foil to prevent it from drying and keep it aside.


When the cake is baked to perfection and completely cooled to room temperature, they will simply slide off the pans thanks to the baking spray that you used.

Using a knife cut off the rather puffed-up top of the cakes to make it totally flat. Then stack the two cakes one above the other; with a knife spread the butter-cream evenly in the middle, the top and all around the two-cake stack.

Smoothen out the spread-out butter-cream using the sharp edge of a knife to get an even look. However, perfection is not as critical since the cakes are going to be wrapped in fondant.

Once the cake with the butter-cream is ready, measure the cake so that you know what size your fondant beer mug should be.


With some dry floor on the kitchen top, roll out the fondant with a rolling pin till thinly even. Now cut out an exact rectangular shape matching the measurement of the cake. You could use a pizza cutter or an exacter knife for this.

Tip: To give your mug a realistic look, create imprints on the fondant with a spatula all across the rectangle.

Now gently wrap this rectangular piece of fondant all around your cake. Use a fondant smoother to smoothen out the fondant all around.

Then roll out another portion of the fondant to create a solid pipe.  Measure out the handle size to suit your mug. After forming the handle, leave it out for a couple of hours to harden.

Once hardened, attach it to the mug using a little bit of water as a gluing agent. Use your paint brush for this purpose.


Use the cocoa powder to create brown lines on your beer mug giving a sense of realism to your cake. These lines can be drawn along the spatula impressions, the bottom of the cake and at the points where the handle is attached to the mug.

Fill a piping bag with the frosting. With a Wilton 1A tip cone, create blobs of the frosting on the top of the mug to look like bubbles foaming on the top layer of the beer. Creating an impression that the beer from the mug is bubbling over adds to the realistic factor of your beautiful beer mug cake.

To fill out the gaps in between use a Wilton 2A cap and make smaller frosting blobs to give a more completed and finished profile to your beer mug.


Finishing touches

Feel free to create some bubbles at the bottom of the cake to make it look as if the beer is bubbling over!

And your beer mug cake is ready to drink, oops, I mean eat and dig into!


Important Tips:

To remove the egg whites, crack the eggs into your hand while keeping a large bowl beneath. Then wiggle the yoke around so that all of the egg white falls into the bowl below which you can then use in your recipe.

Adding the required food coloring a little at a time will help you achieve that perfect shade you have in mind. Else it is quite possible that the cake turns out to be darker than you thought making it quite possibly an ungainly sight and remember you cannot turn back.

To check if your cake is done right, pierce a pin right in the middle and if it comes out clean, then your cake is baked to perfection.

Wear gloves while mixing the fondant to prevent the really fast food color from coming onto your hands.

To make your cake base look fancier and shinier, you could use golden or silver paper to wrap up the bases.

Before making any shape with fondant, ensure you warm it out in your hands by continually rubbing and kneading it. It is then easier to form shapes.


Final Notes

Any do-it-yourself activity adds a lot of self-confidence and the pride and sense of satisfaction you feel when you see the end product is unparalleled.

And when the end result is something that you and your family can bite into then the happiness is multifold.

Hope you found my recipe useful and hey, do not forget to read the ‘Important Tips’ before starting out so you do not go wrong anywhere.

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