While the undisputed origin of the word “rum” is not clear, an English etymologist, Samuel Morewood, attributed the reason to the fact that rum in the Queen’s language also means “the best.” In English, “having a ‘rum’ time” translates to having great and fabulous time. He, therefore, found it fitting that the alcoholic beverage extracted from molasses (which cannot be […]

Finding The Best Dominican Rum: Our Top 5 Choices

In the sunkissed island country of the Dominican Republic, rum is the most commonly available drink, second only to water!  Rum makes up an essential spirit of the Dominican Republic and some of the best rums of the world are brewed on these beautiful islands. Believe it or not, it is said that it is cheaper and easier to buy […]

In order to have a complete bar at home, kegerators are a must have. Once a kegerator is all set up, anyone can keep and dispense beer anytime they want. Hence, this unit is a great buy for anyone who loves to drink beer at home to be able to dispense quality beverages easily.  Knowing The use of kegerators can extend […]

Best Vermouth for Gin Martini Cocktails

“Shaken but not stirred” – This is how James Bond likes his martini done and indeed, he has added an extra panache to this already highly popular classical American cocktail. The latest drinking trends, notwithstanding, the gin martini continues to hold its reputation for being a favored beverage across the globe irrespective of race and culture.   History of the […]

What’s The Best Vermouth for Vodka Martinis?

One wine that has been a classic favorite for several drinkers would be vermouth. The name is a German word ‘Wermut’ (wormwood) with a French pronunciation. This is an ingredient used for this wine and other fortified kind of wine. This wine is flavored with different botanicals like flowers, barks, seeds, roots, spices and herbs. Ever since somewhere in 16th […]

Favored by the vast majority of the Mediterranean in the ancient days, wine was the symbol of divinity, immortality, and fertility. Its uses have been varied over various centuries but the main have been: As a drink As a form of medicine As a key ingredient in the culinary arts Wine enthusiasts and collectors the world over will attest to […]

Today is a special day… We’ll be covering VODKA! Whether you know nothing about it or you’re just looking for a bottle recommendation, this guide will serve as an excellent resource to you. I hope you enjoy the read!   A Brief History Eastern Europe is where Vodka originated. Vodka came from the Russian word of ‘voda’ that means water. Vodka’s […]

Having a wine that is matched with the food you are eating not only enhances the flavor of the food but also adds to the enjoyment of the wine. The rule with wine and food always used to be ‘red wine with meat, white wine with fish’. With new varieties of white wines and different blends, that rule is no […]

How to make Homemade Wine with Grapes

Wine – does the word not have a lyrical quality to it? Like music to your ears! Wine, an age-old beverage has been the favorite drink from time immemorial. The mention of wine is found in the oldest of epics, myths, legends and poems the world over, be it Greek, Indian, Scandinavian, Roman, Chinese, and more. Every culture has had […]

Making things on your own is fun, ego-boosting and confidence building. And when the do-it-yourself is for a loved one then the joy is quadrupled. The gleam in the eyes of the person you made the object for will be the ultimate return for all your hard work, no? So let’s get to work. This article gives you a very […]