Best Cabernet Sauvignon under $50

Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most popular archetypal red wine that is a world favorite. While the most expensive ones originate in regions like Napa Valley and Bordeaux, this widely planted grape variety has a huge fan following and is grown nearly everywhere across the globe. This makes the cabernet sauvignon one of the most varied wines as it comes […]

We are being bombarded with warning on the possible health problems that drinking alcohol can cause, yet at the same time, as with many health warnings, we seem to be getting contradictory information telling that drinking wine can be good for us – so which is true? Before we look at any potential health benefits of drinking wine, even the […]

Nothing goes as well with a meal as do great friends, amazing food and a good bottle of wine. While prices of a few wines can hit the roof, there is an ample fare of lip-smacking and wonderfully flavored wines that not only adds glitter to your meal but also keeps your spending tabs in check. Here is a small […]

Best Sweet Red Wine for Beginners (TOP 9 BOTTLES)

From cherry sauce to old lumber leather, wine gives off quite a large number of unique smells. Thus, everybody has a different preference according to their acquired taste. So what are the best wines to kick start your day? Our top 3 picks of sweet red wine for beginners are Muscat or Moscato, Riesling and Port wine.   Moscato Wine […]

Best Wine With Thai Food: Top 5 Wines With Thai Food

Thai food with its blends of spices and herbs, can sometimes make it a challenge to find the right wine to compliment it. The fact of the matter is that there is not just one particular type of wine that can be said to go with Thai food, just as there is no one particular wine that goes with French […]

Wine is one of the most complex topics that has been, is being and will continue to be discussed with effervescence by us. Any debate and/or discussion on wine combines culture, cuisine, region of production and manufacture, agriculture, flavors, colors, geology and not to mention genetics considering the fact that a connoisseur quite likely picked up his/her wine-loving skills from […]

Out of all the different varieties of wine grapes available today, Cabernet Sauvignon is the most popular red wine grape in the world. It was created by accident during the 17th century when wine growers crossed two different types of grapes – cabernet franc and sauvignon blanc to come up with a unique grape which would have a distinct flavor […]

Unlike any other part of meat, filet mignon is a boneless steak cut from beef tenderloin and it is known to have a unique flavor and decadent texture. When it comes to pairing wine with steaks and filet mignon, it is best to go for red wines for they have an adequate level of tannins present in it. However, the […]

Best Red Wines Under $20: Your Top Choices

If you are new to red wines, it can be a little confusing about which particular wine to choose. Often it seems that to get a good red wine you need to spend a lot of money, but that that is certainly not the case. By carefully choosing your wine you can find some excellent reds that are relatively inexpensive. […]

Home Cocktail Bar Essentials: A Basic Guide

Setting up a home cocktail bar can seem a little daunting at first. If you have ever been into a professional bar that specializes in cocktails, you will see row after row of assorted drinks, many of them exotic colors and with interesting names. The truth is that to make many of the most popular cocktails you do not actually […]