What’s The Best Small Bar for Home?

A home bar is an asset to many homes. If you would like to have a bar in your home but space is a problem, there are several well-designed options available. While they may not be quite as good as having your own While they may not be quite as good as having your own built-in, luxorious home bar, they […]

When you have built your bar, what is needed to give it a finishing touch are some bar accessories and tools. Many of these items cost just a few dollars and even the most expensive accessories can be found for less than $40. Some of the suggestions listed below are really practical in the running of your bar, while others […]

Best Bar Stools: Your Top Choices

As you will no doubt be aware, if you have visited a number of bars in your time, there are thousands of variations to the bar stool. We have selected some of the best bar stools designed for use in home bars. We have carefully selected a wide variety of bar stools from a basic fixed wooden stool to swivel […]

Are You Suited to become a Bartender? Firstly, an important element to consider is – when you are out enjoying yourself at the bar, the bartenders are working. By the nature of the job, the hours are unsociable. Before you become a bartender it is worth doing some research. Visit a number of bars and watch how the bartender manages […]

Bartending 101: Becoming a Bartender

To many of us, the idea of becoming a bartender is a dream job. Get paid for mixing drinks and meeting awesome people every day – what could be better? Unfortunately, the reality is somewhat different. A highly skilled bartender can make a very complicated job seem effortless. When in fact the job is a constant effort at juggling several balls at […]

Best Home Bar: Your Top 10 Choices

If you’re looking for the best home bar, I’m here to break down your choices for you. There are many different home bar variations you could purchase. We’ll be going over 10 bars in three different styles. What you’ll learn from this article: The best cheap home bars The best wood home bars The best glass home bars. Enjoy!   […]

Smirnoff Whipped Cream Vodka Recipes

Whipped Cream Vodka is a delicious creation made by Smirnoff that is perfect for that once-and-a-while desert drink. If you have full bottle of whipped cream vodka, it’s easy to use it once and then forget about it for the rest of the year. There’s a good chance you don’t drink desert drinks everyday and that’s fine. The whole purpose […]

Best Home Kegerator: Your Top 5 Choices

If you enjoy your beers and lagers, then a kegerator, delivering draft beer to you in the comfort of your home can be a perfect solution. It is not only convenient for you, but it is also a real benefit when you are hosting parties. Not only does draft beer have a taste that is unique to beer from the […]

Home bars are very popular, they provide a focal point at parties plus all the drinks, ice and glasses can be stored there, leaving the kitchen free. Although there a quite a wide selection of bars available to buy ready-made, some of them leave a lot to be desired. Building your own means that you will have a bar that […]

Hmm… your bar is missing something. What can it be? Oh.. That’s right. You need a bar refrigerator! There are endless options to choose from. Luckily for you, I have compiled the top 5 options into this nice, compact article. Enjoy!   EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker The first fridge we’ll be talking about is the EdgeStar 12 Lbs […]