7 of the Best Vegan Friendly Beer For Any Occasion

7 of the Best Vegan Friendly Beer For Any Occasion

Many alcoholic beverages including beer contain various animal products. Beer, in its purest form, is made from four core ingredients, namely malt, hops, water and yeast. While there are many animal-free alternatives that can be used, many beer companies use isinglass, sea shells, gelatin and egg whites to filter out the impurities prior to the bottling process.

Being a vegan doesn’t mean you cannot indulge in a frothy, good ole beer. If you’re looking for vegan friendly beer to suit your healthy lifestyle, let this be your guide to finding the best vegan friendly beer in town.



Old Ford Export Stout

Classic Old Ford Export Stout from Redchurch Brewery is a must-try for those who like their beer strong. The rich, dark export stout with a 7.5% alcohol volume sure packs a punch! What sets apart Old Ford Export Stout from others is its flavor – a complex malt base accompanied by rich aromas of leather, burnt chocolate, molasses and espresso coffee that strikes a perfect balance with the warmth of the alcohol.

The earthy spice and bitter flavors of Columbus hops make Old Ford Export Stout a popular choice among vegan beer drinkers with a preference for strong flavor.



Weird Beard Decadence Stout

With a luxurious texture and rich flavor, the Weird Beard Decadence Stout is one of the best British vegan beers you’ll ever taste. Inspired by hand-crafted beers from the British and American craft beer movements, this English stout has strong aromas of chocolate and espresso beautifully coupled with rich coffee and dark chocolate that adds a punch of bitterness.

On the other hand, hints of liquorice balance out the bitterness perfectly. With a 5.5% alcohol volume, the Weird Beard Decadence Stout is definitely worth trying if you fancy a premium quality creamy stout with well-balanced flavor.



The Kernel, London Sour

The Kernel Brewery is considered a pioneer of the ongoing craft beer craze in London. The bold and delicious London Sour is inspired by the old Berliner Weisse, a vintage beer blend once popular among Napoleon’s French troops. London Sour has a flavor unlike any other – a refreshing tartness packed with the goodness of delicious fruity flavors including sour cherries, raspberries and a delicate hint of lemon.

Having a 3.2% alcohol volume, London Sour pours a scintillating red body with a tempting fruity aroma of raspberries. If you’re bored of sour, London Sour’s one of a kind fruity flavor will never disappoint you.



Ninkasi Total Domination

A solid vegan beer bursting with the goodness of light refreshing flavors, Ninkasi Total Domination is a treat for your taste buds. The IPA style beer brewed in the small town of Eugene, Oregon has a clean taste with delightful hop notes of floral and citrus fruits.

The rich big hop flavor is attributed to the Carahell and Munich malts. Crisp on the palate with a slightly heightened bitterness, the Ninkasi Total Domination can be paired with a variety of foods including sharp cheeses, Thai and Mexican cuisine, poultry and seafood.



Pilsner Urquell

Named after a small town called Pilsen in Czech Republic where it was first brewed in 1842, Pilsner Urquell is a simple beer with a depth of lingering flavor that entices you to have more sips. What makes Pilsner Urquell a pub drinking staple is its creaminess and softness with a 4.4% ABV. Pilsner Urquell may have lighter body but it is quite hoppy – a Bohemian brew that’s hard to resist with hints of honeysuckle and a close taste to bread.

Being the world’s first golden pilsner, Pilsner Urquell has a loyal fan following in Europe and USA alike. Pilsner Urquell’s ultimate winning quality is its unparalleled taste – clean malt base with a toasty, biscuit-y bitterness that’s perfectly balanced by the slightly spicy Saaz hops.



Stella Artois

Considered to be one of the best industrial pale lagers that’s enjoyed in more than 80 countries, Stella Artois needs no introduction among beer lovers. Its full characteristic flavor is attributed to the premium ingredients used in the making and a rigorous brewing process that ensures high quality.

The clear golden brew with a giant two fingers of white frothy head may have a slightly skunk smell in the beginning but it quickly eases into a crisp, subtle aroma of bready malts with a hint of fruity hops. Stella Artois has a great mouthfeel – crisp on the palate with a bit of apple. If you want a simple pale lager on a hot summer afternoon, Stella Artois is a great pick.



Ballast Point, The Commodore

Unlike all the barrel aged, flavor infused stouts currently popular among vegan beer lovers, sometimes all you want is a plain and simple stout. The Commodore is a 6.5% ABV American style stout with a medium body, no-fuss packaging and a strong personality that speaks for itself. The Commodore’s characteristic roastiness comes from coffee and light char notes that give this brew a rough edge.

Pleasing aromas of smooth, roasted cocoa waft from the surface of this dark brew – making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy robust dry stout. The heavy-duty taste of The Commodore leaves behind a robust impression: it starts with a hit of smooth cocoa that seamlessly fades into a combination of light char, tobacco and earth.


Final Note

Now you can enjoy a guilt-free glass of beer that suits your vegan lifestyle. These are the seven best vegan beers that will never cease to amaze you. Brewed using premium ingredients, each beer on our list has a unique combination of fruit and earth infused, hoppy flavors with tempting aromas that will keep you coming back for more.

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