Best Home Bar: Your Top 10 Choices

What Home Bar Is The Best

If you’re looking for the best home bar, I’m here to break down your choices for you.

There are many different home bar variations you could purchase. We’ll be going over 10 bars in three different styles.

What you’ll learn from this article:

  • The best cheap home bars
  • The best wood home bars
  • The best glass home bars.



Cheap Home Bars

Maybe you’re just looking for a cheap cocktail station to make drinks at home. Not a problem! Here are my top choices.


Winsome MartiniWinsome Martini Entertainment Bar

If you’re looking for a quality bar that will safely hold your liquor and will act as a great place for preparing drinks, check out the Winsome Martini Entertainment bar.

It might not look like it in the pictures, but the top of the bar and the shelves are made out of a strong tempered glass. This provides a smooth surface that acts as a perfect workstation for mixing drinks.

Assembly is required, but it is pretty straightforward. Picture assembling some basic Ikea furniture. That’s how easy it is to assemble the Winsome bar.

This bar costs less than $150, making it an excellent purchase. Not only will its sleek design go well in any room, but it offers a quality build that will exceed your initial expectations.

Overall, if you are looking for a quality bar for a low price, you may want to check out the Winsome Bar.


LumiSource SpyraLumiSource Spyra LED Light-Up Bar Table

If you are looking for a bar with the most basic of basic designs, with a twist, I’d recommend the LumniSource Spyra.

Especially if you are having a house party, this bar table is a surefire win. It has bright, beautiful LEDs that light up to form a colorful changing display.

The LEDs switch between red, green, and blue displayed. The table is a clear color.

Surprisingly, this bar is nice and sturdy. It is supported by a chrome base and pole.

There are two ways of powering the Spyra:

  • Batteries
  • Wall adapter

The battery is perfect for the longest of parties. It will last well over 12 hours just on the battery. For outdoor parties, this saves you the trouble of running extension cords.

Overall, if you’re looking for a neat bar table that will add some extra pizazz to your next party, the Spyra is the way to go!


Design ToscanoDesign Toscano Italian Replica Globe Bar

The last bar we’ll be mentioning in this category is a great conversation starter.

The Design Toscano Italian Replica globe bar is a perfect concealed bar that adds a touch of design to any room.

The map on the globe replicates maps from the 16th century. Strong hardwood legs support both the bar and your booze.

Not only will you have enough room to store all of your bottles, but there is also plenty of storage room for glassware.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great globe bar, this one is my favorite.


Wood Home Bars

Now you’re ready to get serious. Wood home bars are a luxury that brings life into a room. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune to get one! Here are my top picks.


Coaster Contemporary barCoaster Contemporary Bar

The first wood bar we’ll be mentioning is the Coaster Contemporary Bar.

It requires assembly, but when you’re done, you have yourself an amazing home bar.

This bar is sturdy, well-built, and looks like it costs more than it actually does. The bar has a deep cappuccino finish and is made out of solid hardwood and veneer.

You’ll find a convenient wine rack, wine glass holder, and two doors that give you access to shelf space.

While this bar will work perfectly for any room, it is best suited in living rooms and kitchens.

The neutral wood design will go with any themed room.

The Coaster Contemporary bar holds plenty of bottles and suffices for any parties you throw. Since there is ample storage space, the countertop becomes clutter-free so you’ll have room to mix your drinks.

If you’re looking for a nice bar that’s easy to put together, check out the Coaster Contemporary bar.


Coaster Traditional Cherry Finish Bar

Coaster Traditional Cherry Finish Bar

Another quality bar by Coaster, the Traditional Cherry Finish Bar is a beautiful bar that is available to ship to your home for a heck of a bargain. s

You’ll find two shelves on this bar. This will give you plenty of room for storing your bottles. There is also a handy towel bar as well as two more drawers to store away your barware.

You can fit 10 wine bottles in this bar.

Another nice feature of this bar is the non-draining sink. While it is not meant for wet bar purposes, it is meant to store ice to keep your drinks cool. This becomes very useful when you have a group of guests and want your ice to be close and convenient.

The finish of the bar is beautiful, you get a lot of value for the price, and there is plenty of bottle storage.

I highly recommend this bar.


Winsome Newport Expandable Wine BarWinsome Newport Expandable Wine Bar

The Winsome Newport Expandable Wine Bar is a quality bar crafted out of solid/composite wood. It features a nice walnut finish, stemware holder, accessories drawer, an open shelf, and a 9-bottle wine rack.

Based on a few reviews, it appears that it takes about an hour to put together, but when you’re done, you have yourself a quality bar.

That being said, it is well worth the money and is worth considering.


Monarch Bar UnitMonarch Bar

The last wood bar we’ll be discussing is the Monarch Bar. It is made of PB and MDF woof.

The reason you would consider this bar is that it looks great and is very affordable.

Its color is a rich cappuccino. This bar will fit any liquor bottles you have and will even act as a great place to store your wine glasses.

Overall, this bar is a great choice on a budget.


Glass Home Bars

Glass home bars offer a modern, or contemporary look, to add to your home. No matter what the color scheme or theme of your room is, they seem to fit in quite well.


Coaster Contemporary Tempered Glass
Coaster Contemporary Tempered Glass Bar

By now, you have probably realized that Coaster is a great manufacturer of reasonably priced home bars.

The Contemporary Tempered Glass bar is a beautiful home bar that has a glossy white finish to it.

You’ll find that the bar is nice and sturdy, making it easy to trust for storing your precious spirits.

A strong metal frame supports the bar. The dimensions of it are 50.75” x 20” x 41”.

For the price, you get a lot of value! I recommend this bar for anyone looking for a trustworthy glass bar.


Coaster Bar TableCoaster Bar Table

Coaster also makes a glass bar table. It has a sleek contemporary style that will look good in nearly any room.

There are two glass storage shelves as well as a wine glass holder.

There is a bit of assembly required, but it is nothing too complicated.

The design of this bar looks even better in person! You’ll find that the shelves support plenty of room to fit bottles of all sizes.

Check out this bar if you are looking for a beautiful bar table with shelves to support all of your drinks.


Coaster Gloss White Contemporary Bar UnitCoaster Gloss White Contemporary Bar

Last but not least, we’ll be mentioning the Coaster Gloss White Contemporary bar.

It features a white gloss finish. This bar looks extremely sleek and will make you wonder why it doesn’t cost more.

Your bottles are put on display elegantly with the two shelves. You get a nice tabletop work area to mix your favorite cocktails.

Check out this glass bar if you want to mix your drinks in style, while not breaking bank!



So there you have it!

Those were my picks for the best home bars! remember to buy a bar that is in your budget and suits your needs.

Let me know which one of these choices you thought was the best home bar! I’m interested to hear your responses!

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