Best Home Bars: Buying a Home Bar Online

BEST home bars

Best Home Bars: Buying a Home Bar Online

Buying home bars in a traditional retail store can be expensive! A lot of people would think the internet would be an even worse place to buy a bar because of shipping costs. Actually, has a great selection of home bars and offers free shipping most of the time.

In this list, I have compiled the top 5 best home bars that I could find on Amazon. All of them will cost you under $1000. IF your budget will allow you to spend more than $1000, I’d recommend checking out some of the other great options Amazon has to offer.

Build quality is very important when you are buying furniture. I made sure to pick strong bars that are made of solid wood. A lot of cheap, Ikea-grade furniture will typically be made out of an unknown composite wood. I wanted none of that on this list.


Traditional Cherry Finish Bar

Traditional Cherry Finish Bar

For a price under $700, this bar provides a solid build quality and a beautiful finish.

The first thing you’ll notice about this bar is its gorgeous cherry finish. Everything on this bar is high quality from its wine shelves to its cabinets.

Their is plenty of storage space in this bar for all of your glasses, bottles, and barware. You’ll also find a towel rack and a built-in sink. Keep in mind that the sink doesn’t have any plumbing hook-ups or space for you to add faucets. The “sink” is mainly an ice bin for keeping your ice accessible when mixing.

Also keep in mind that the bar stool is sold separately. I noticed there where a few people on Amazon asking questions about the stools, so I thought I’d clear that up here.

A feature about this bar that I simply love is the antique brass footrest. It gives your bar an aged feel that will make your setup look twice as expensive.

Overall, this home bar is a beautiful piece of furniture that is perfect as long as you don’t care about having a fully-operational sink in your bar.


black bar

Contemporary Bar With Black Finish

The next bar we’ll be talking about is a contemporary bar that has a flat black finish. This bar looks awesome and has plenty of cabinet space.

The shape of this bar is a half-octagon. I quite liked the design of this home bar. There is a workspace in the center which helps you keep the space where you would mix drinks and serve them separate.

Each of the cabinets has a glass panel. This makes it easy to quickly see what bottles you have in stock.

A nice feature that this bar has is a space to hang your wine glasses upside down. Its always great when home bars include this.

Assembly is very easy. All you have to do is attach the top of the bar to the base. The majority of the assembly is done for you.

You’ll also notice a fairly roomy drawer on this bar. It is a great place to store all of your most-used bar tools.

If you are looking for a bar that that is easy to assemble, yet looks amazing, you should definitely check out this contemporary bar.


wine bar

Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar

This contemporary bar is designed with the wine connoisseur in mind.

The color of this bar is amazing! It has a rich cappuccino finish that will look good in any room you put it.

There is plenty of cabinet space. The cabinet doors are made of solid wood and close very smoothly.

Just like the previous bar we’ve talked about, there is a separate work area for you to mix your drinks. If you prefer to mix drinks on your bar top, this extra space would also make an excellent storage area.

This bar has a great build quality. The wood, while I’m not too sure exactly what type it is, is solid and stained beautifully.

You can fit 8 wine bottles into this bar. You’ll have plenty of room to store your wine glasses. You can easily fit 20 glasses into this bar without any issues.

All-in-all, this is an amazing bar for anyone who prefers to store their wine bottles in style.


wooden bar

Marble Top Bar

This bar has a sophisticated look to it and has plenty of storage space for your bottles and an additional surface area for mixing drinks.

You’ll find 3 drawers and 2 cabinets on this bar. There is also an added space for hanging your wine glasses upside down.

The wine rack on this bar will hold up to 8 of your wine bottles.

An awesome part of this bar is its black marble top. This gives you an excellent feeling surface to serve your drinks.

Assembling this bar is very simple. After you attach the foot rail to the front, bolt the marble top to the top of the bar, you’re all done! Everything has already been assembled for you.

For anyone who appreciates furniture with a high build quality, this bar is perfect for you!


cheap bar

LaFayette Expandable Bar

For a bar that costs less than $500, you get a whole lot of quality!

It is constructed out of hardwood and veneer. While the wood on this bar isn’t as high quality as the other bars on this list, you’ll still be amazed at how nice it is!

There is more than enough space for all of your spirits. No matter what your drink of choice is, you’ll have plenty of room to store away your booze.

This bar requires the most assembly on this list. There are a lot of parts, BUT assembly is still relatively easy if you follow the directions. It will take the average person around 1-3 hours to complete. The end result is well worth it!

Keep in mind that this bar is pretty heavy. It is recommended that you assemble it close to the final area where you plan to put it.

I included this bar cabinet on this list because I feel it is the best quality bar you could get if you are on a budget.



And there you have it!

These were all of my picks for the best home bars. If you found an awesome bar that deserves to be on this list, let me know in the comment section below!

If you are serious about setting up your own home bar, I highly recommend signing up for my email list down below. You’ll receive great information that any potential home bar buyer would want to know before making a final purchase.

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