Small Bars For Apartments – Your Top 5 Home Bar Choices!

best home bars for small apartments

Being restricted by a smaller living area serves as a bigger problem when you want to set up your own home bar. Finding small bars for apartments will definitely be a harder journey than buying larger bars for larger-sized apartments. This doesn’t mean that it will be impossible!

Amazon has a great selection of home bars and home bar equipment. You’ll find bars of all different sizes for affordable prices.

In this list, I have compiled 5 small bars for apartments that might be just what you are looking for! If you have a question about any of the bars mentioned in this article, don’t hesitate to drop a comment down below.

At the end of this list, I’ll be mentioning a few useful home bar resources incase you are new to home bars and this is the first bar that you have ever purchased.


coaster bar

Coaster Contemporary Bar

The Coaster Contemporary bar is my #1 favorite bar for any small apartment.

It has a half-octagon design complete with a rich, dark finish. The countertop is beveled and has smooth edges.

On the front, you’ll notice this bar’s glass doors. Inside, there is plenty of storage for all of your spirits, glasses, and bar tools.

The build quality is very high and the bar is quite sturdy. This bar weighs in at around 160 pounds.

A nice part about this bar is that is comes pre-built! It will be shipped to you just as it looks in the pictures. The manufacturers do a great job at wrapping the furniture and making sure it arrives safely to your doorstep.

Overall, this bar is a great value especially for its price.


monarch bar

Monarch Bar Unit

The Monarch bar has a simple yet sleek design.

This bar, unlike the Coaster bar, will require assembly. It will take around 1 hour for the average person to set up this bar.

A complaint I heard with the Monarch is that the bottom shelves, nor any of the other shelves, are large enough to fit full-size wine bottles. If you drink a lot of wine, this is going to serve as a huge problem to you!

Another complaint I heard was that the directions are a bit hard to follow. I saw one reviewer say that the Monarch bar directions were like Ikea directions, but worse.

You might run into a few hiccups setting up the bar using the included directions, such as not knowing what direction a part is supposed to be facing. After troubleshooting for a little bit, setting up this bar is NOT by any means impossible. It can just be a little frustrating.

Overall, the Monarch bar is perfect for a small apartment since it takes up such little space. As long as you aren’t an avid wine drinker, this bar should be a great pick!


martini bar

Winsome Martini Entertainment Bar

The Winsome Martini bar is an excellent choice if you are on a budget!

This bar will fit compactly into almost any space. It is a pretty small bar that won’t cost you a whole lot of money. It still manages to offer great features for its low price.

The bar’s top is made out of tempered glass. The bar is supported by chrome-plated steel. While it looks nice, it also provides the bar with a nice sturdy build. The bar does not shake or wobble at all.

Assembling this bar is quick and easy. There aren’t a whole lot of parts to worry about and the directions do a good job at telling you what goes where.

The Winsome is one of those bars that look expensive, but in reality can be bought very cheaply. It has a modern look to it that will add flavor to any room.


newport bar

Winsome Newport Expandable Wine Bar

The Winsome Newport Wine Bar is made of composite wood and has a beautiful dark walnut finish. It is extremely light for its build quality. This bar only weighs around 70-80 pounds.

You’ll notice that this bar has plenty of storage space. There is a drawer for keeping your bar accessories. There is also a built-in wine rack. One of the spaces will even store your wine glasses upside down.

A feature I love about this bar is how compact it is. You’ll be able to fold the sides of this bar up when you aren’t using it. This will still leave room so that you won’t have to move your bottles, glasses, or accessories.

The Winsome Newport does require assembly. This isn’t a huge problem since setting up this bar is pretty straightforward.

All of the required tools are included except for a standard phillips screwdriver which you can most likely found lying around the house.


globe bar

Sixteenth-Century Italian Old World Globe Bar

The last bar we’ll be mentioning is different from the rest. The Globe Bar will fit nicely into any room corner.

This bar is made out of wood, brass, and metal. The build quality of this bar is exceptional as long as you don’t receive a factory defected bar. I noticed that in rare cases, a few of the reviewers on Amazon experienced defects.

From the outside, this bar just looks like a giant globe. Once you open it, a beautifully displayed minibar suddenly appears. You’ll be able to store about 4 bottles in this bar without any issues. With the bottles, you’ll be able to store plenty of glasses as well.

A part of this bar that I liked was that when you aren’t using it, the bar takes up very little space. You can pretty much set up this bar anywhere in your room, but I feel that corners are the best place to put it. That way the bar will stay out of the way, yet it will be easily accessible when you choose to use it.




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