Setting up a Tiki bar at home is a great idea if you love having exotic rum-based drinks. The Tiki bar experience is unlike any other: it will transport you to a magical island where you can relax and unwind for hours as you sip on your favorite drinks after a long, tiring day. The Tiki culture started in the […]

In order to have a complete bar at home, kegerators are a must have. Once a kegerator is all set up, anyone can keep and dispense beer anytime they want. Hence, this unit is a great buy for anyone who loves to drink beer at home to be able to dispense quality beverages easily.  Knowing The use of kegerators can extend […]

Best Cabernet Sauvignon under $50

Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most popular archetypal red wine that is a world favorite. While the most expensive ones originate in regions like Napa Valley and Bordeaux, this widely planted grape variety has a huge fan following and is grown nearly everywhere across the globe. This makes the cabernet sauvignon one of the most varied wines as it comes […]

Home Cocktail Bar Essentials: A Basic Guide

Setting up a home cocktail bar can seem a little daunting at first. If you have ever been into a professional bar that specializes in cocktails, you will see row after row of assorted drinks, many of them exotic colors and with interesting names. The truth is that to make many of the most popular cocktails you do not actually […]

Home bars are very popular, they provide a focal point at parties plus all the drinks, ice and glasses can be stored there, leaving the kitchen free. Although there a quite a wide selection of bars available to buy ready-made, some of them leave a lot to be desired. Building your own means that you will have a bar that […]

|Top 5| What’s The Best Portable Outdoor Bar?

An outdoor bar makes a world of a difference in any backyard party you throw. There are a ton of different options you can go for when picking your bar. You can have a full-on tiki bar, a poolside bar, a simple car cart, or you can go with the popular option of having a portable bar. Portable bars are […]

Basement bars are a great way to turn a boring, plain room, into your very own hangout central. With the great looking composite-wood furniture, your own bar can be available to you for a very low price. Even real-wood bars manage to stay affordable. We’ll be covering both real and composite wood bars in this article. If you’re wondering where you […]

With the rising popularity of kegerators, there are many different brands and options to consider. The average kegerator will cost you around $600. The most expensive Kegerators I’ve seen can cost well over $1000. An option to get a kegerator for less than $600 is to build it yourself. All you need is a fridge and a conversion kit. You […]

How To Mix Drinks at Home

Mixing drinks isn’t as simple as it sounds… Don’t take mixing drinks too literally and think all you are doing is combining two different drinks to form something new. Mixing drinks is a entire art form that has coined the name mixology. No matter what you are doing, with the right tools, your job will become much easier. There are […]