Making things on your own is fun, ego-boosting and confidence building. And when the do-it-yourself is for a loved one then the joy is quadrupled. The gleam in the eyes of the person you made the object for will be the ultimate return for all your hard work, no? So let’s get to work. This article gives you a very […]

Home bars are very popular, they provide a focal point at parties plus all the drinks, ice and glasses can be stored there, leaving the kitchen free. Although there a quite a wide selection of bars available to buy ready-made, some of them leave a lot to be desired. Building your own means that you will have a bar that […]

Having a bar in your backyard adds a real ambiance to a party or gathering. It makes a focal point. On the surface, some may consider having a Tiki bar in your backyard is a bit of an extravagance – it would be expensive and it requires a high degree of do-it-yourself skills. Actually neither of these is true. Below […]

When you’re building something as large as a tiki bar, quality plans matter. On Home Bar Lifestyle, we have gone over some basic free plans for building your own tiki bar. Today we’ll talk about the best paid plans.   So what’s wrong with the free plans? Although the plans are pretty good for being free, they are nowhere as […]

An outdoor bar is a luxury that occupies many backyards all over the world. Building your own might seem like a costly challenge. After paying for all of the lumber, nails, accessories, and additional tools you don’t have, you still have a whole journey ahead of you. Surprisingly, building your own backyard tiki bar does not have to be expensive […]

Nowadays, you don’t have to be an expert craftsman to build your own furniture. With the abundance of free plans and video tutorials on the internet, you are able to learn any skill imaginable. A lot of people shy away from building their own home bar for two main reasons: They think it will cost a lot of money They […]

Buying a brand new home bar will cost an average of $200-$5000 Once you have invested in your bar, you are not done yet. You still have to buy furniture, accessories, and most importantly, ALCOHOL. For those of us who want the luxuries of a bar without the huge price tag, there is still hope! Building your own home bar […]