Best Bar Refrigerator With Ice Maker: Your Top 5 Options

Bar Fridge With Ice Maker

Hmm… your bar is missing something.

What can it be?

Oh.. That’s right. You need a bar refrigerator!

There are endless options to choose from. Luckily for you, I have compiled the top 5 options into this nice, compact article.



EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker

The first fridge we’ll be talking about is the EdgeStar 12 Lbs Built-In Ice Maker.

It has a nice compact design that allows you to put it anywhere in your bar setup. Installing it is easy and convenient. The fridge is relatively inexpensive and is a perfect choice for a bar refrigerator.

The Edgestar even has a refrigerated storage bin that will extend the life of your ice and will let the fridge operate without the need of a permanent drain.

This fridge is especially good if you have a wet bar. It’s a nice convenient fridge perfect for storing all of your cocktail ingredients and perhaps some beers.

The build quality of the fridge is nice and durable. It has a strong stainless steel door that looks aesthetically pleasing on its black housing.

I don’t care what the theme of your bar is; This fridge will look good no matter where you put it.

The ice maker on this fridge will produce up to 12 pounds of ice per day.

Once again, my favorite part of this fridge is how compact it is. You won’t run into any problems putting this fridge under your counter.

EdgeStar is a company that is dedicated to serving their customers and improving their products. Recently they upgraded the pumps in the fridge for a much longer lifetime.

Another great part about this fridge is that it doesn’t use up too much electricity. The ice maker will automatically shut off when the ice bin is full.

Whether you prefer opening the door with a right or left-hand swing, this fridge has you covered. The door is reversible.

Overall, The EdgeStar is my #1 recommendation as a bar refrigerator (with ice maker).


Whynter UIM-155

Next on the list is the Whynter UIM-155.

If you’re looking for a quality fridge that will produce over 10 pounds of ice cubes in 1 day, this could be the fridge for you.

The UIM is a sleek fridge with a high build quality. The door is stainless steel.

With this fridge, you’ll also get an ice bin. The bin has a 6-pound capacity. A nice part about the ice maker is that it will automatically shut off when the bin is full.

A great part about this fridge is that it is nice and compact. It will fit in any cabinet area yu have.

Since the vents of the fridge are on the front, you can put the UIM under a counter without any problems.

When you compare this fridge to others in its price range, you’ll notice just how much value the UIM-155 provides for its affordable price.

Overall, if you’re looking for an ice-maker/fridge that has a good ice capacity and is compact enough for your bar, check out the UIM-155.


Sunpentown IM-150US

Next, we’ll be covering the Sunpentown IM-150US.

It is a great fridge with a sleek design. Just like the UIM-155, this fridge will store 6 pounds of ice, but has the capability to produce 12 pounds of ice a day.

A good feature of the Sunpentown 150US is that it has a reversible door. Its easy to change and will be a life-saver when you need it.

Whether you need a fridge for a built-in of freestanding application, the IM-150US will suffice.

The fridge is nice and compact. It will easily fit under a counter. It’s also easy to move. In total, the fridge only weighs 71 pounds.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fridge with an ice-maker for a reasonable price, checkout the Sunpentown IM-150US.


EdgeStar Portable
EdgeStar IP210TI

If you appreciate the sheer quality of EdgeStar’s products you’ll LOVE the IP210TI.

This ice-maker may or may not be for you depending on your purposes.

If all you need is a nice, small ice-maker that you can always rely on for some ice cubes to chill down your drink, the IP210TI is a match made in heaven for you.

The IP210TI is meant to be used anywhere you go (as long as wherever you go has an AC power outlet).

It will generate ice cubes much faster than any traditional fridge.

This ice maker is cable of producing 28 pounds of ice a day. It will store 2 1/2 pounds of ice at a time.

There’s a lot of configurability with this ice-maker. For example, you get control over what size you want the ice cubes to be.

The size of this ice maker is perfect for all situations. Whether you’re at your home bar, in an RV, or even at the office, all you need to do is plug it in, and wait for ice.

There’s no need for any sort of water line or drain. The bin does a good job at storing the ice and keeping it in solid form.

Although this fridge seems nice and well insulated, I still wouldn’t recommend it as a freezer. Only buy this ice-maker if all you need it for is producing ice.

Another epic feature of this ice maker is that it can recycle your ice that you don’t use into more fresh and clean ice.

Since you don’t have to run any water lines to it, you’ll have to manually fill it with water. This isn’t a bad thing because it will beep quite loudly when it needs a refill.

Overall, if you’re looking for a small ice-maker to keep in your bar checkout the EdgeStar IP210TI.


mini fridge
Deco Mini Fridge w/ Ice Maker

The last fridge we’ll be mentioning is the Deco Mini Fridge with ice maker.

If you’re in the market for an energy efficient fridge with a built-in ice maker, look no further than this fridge.

It makes ice quite fast and has a low noise level. This mini fridge is capable of producing 10 lbs. of ice in 24 hours.

A bonus of buying this fridge is that an ice scoop is included. This makes your life a bit easier when you need A LOT of ice.

The overall build quality of the fridge is quite high. It is made of stainless steel. Also, the door is reversible. Whether you like opening the door on the right or left-hand side, Deco has got you covered.

Overall, if you need a reliable fridge that saves energy and is relatively quiet, check out the Deco Mini Fridge with ice maker.


Final Notes

So there you have it!

I hope I have pointed you in the right direction to buying the ULTIMATE bar refrigerator with ice maker.

If you have any questions about the refrigerators listed, drop a comment! I’ll answer you right away!

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