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barware gifts for men

There’s a lot of different barware options out there. Some would make great gifts, some not so much.

If you are buying a bar-related gift for someone, why go with an average gift like a recipe book or a beer glass when you can buy something truly awesome?

In this article, I will go over 5 of my top choices of the best barware gifts for men. I made sure to include only gifts that aspiring mixologists, bartenders, and home bar owners would find extremely useful to their everyday mixing.

Lets get into the gifts!


whiskey stones

Whiskey Stones

The first item I choose to feature on this list are whiskey stones.

So what the heck are whiskey stone anyway? Whiskey stones are an essential gift for anyone who can’t stand the taste of watered-down drinks.

Whiskey stones are made of pure 100% soapstone. Why soapstone? Simply because their properties allow them to hold a thermal temperature longer than any other stones.

All you have to do is throw these rock-cubes in the freezer for a few hours, pull them out, and then toss them into your drink of choice. They are super simple to chill and barely take up any room in the freezer!

These stones are loved so much because they chill your drink without diluting it with water. You might be a bit iffy about throwing rocks into your drinks, but they are actually perfectly safe and food grade.

You would wash the stones just by rinsing them. Putting them in the dishwasher isn’t actually necessary.

This gift is a safe buy that anyone can appreciate. You’ll get 9 whiskey cubes in total as well as a nice velvet carrying pouch for storage of your stones.

If you are looking for a cheap, yet insanely useful gift, whiskey stones are your answer.


ice cube spheres

Ice “Cube” Spheres

Instead of boring, old-fashioned cube-shaped ice, why not make spherical ice?

Sphere-shaped ice will melt much slower than normal cube ice. This will result in your drinks staying cold, yet being diluted much slower.

I liked the fact that the ice molds are sleek enough to fit in the most crowded of freezers. Instead of getting a full tray, you get single molds which take up almost no space and are designed to be stackable.

Creating your very first ice sphere couldn’t be easier. You don’t even need the directions to figure it out! Just fill water to the fill-line in the mold, close the lid, and put it into the freezer for 4 hours.

Once you pull the mold out of the freezer, you’ll find a perfectly formed ice sphere! An awesome tip that would be sure to impress your friends is to put some colored food dye into the mold. Then when you pull the mold out, you’ll get assorted colors of ice balls!

If you are a beginner this is a great buy because you’ll also get a free cocktail recipe eBook emailed to you after purchase. Inside, you’ll find over 150 awesome drink recipes to get you started.

To clean the Ice Sphere molds, simply throw them in the dishwasher. The Ice Sphere molds ARE indeed dishwasher safe.

Oddly enough, the makers of this product throw in a lifetime guarantee. Since the Ice Cube Spheres do exactly as advertised, I guess they figured not a lot of people would want to return them.

Overall, this gift is awesome and it can be used in any drink. You don’t even have to use it in alcoholic drinks!


home bar blender

Waring PBB25 Bar Blender

Whether you plan on using a blender for blending smoothies, crushing ice, or whipping up a margarita, the PBB25 will provide a ton of power for a reasonable price.

This blender holds 32 ounces of liquid. This number seems to be the standard for home bar blenders.

The motor can be a bit loud when on full blast, but no worries! With great loudness comes great power! This bad boy can crush ice in a few seconds.

There are two speeds on the Waring PBB25: low, for blending berries, fruit, etc, and HIGH, for when you have to obliterate a huge concoction and turn it into a smooth blend.

The overall build quality of this blender is phenomenal. Nothing feels cheap. You will find NO cheap plastic buttons on the Waring PBB25. All of the buttons are metal.

I liked how the Waring PBB25 has a heavy-duty base that will stand firm on your countertop and won’t shake around while your cranking the motor at full blast.

This blender comes in 6 different colors: black, chili red(my favorite), ebony, metallic red, white, and retro green.

For anyone who wants a mixer that will last them years, the Waring PCC25 is perfect. This blender would be the ultimate pick for a home bar.


barware set

Barware Set

A barware set is a perfect gift for anyone who is brand new to the luxury of owning your own home bar. Buying a set takes all the complexity out of choosing barware.

In this barware set, you’ll get a shaker, a strainer, a bottle opener, a corkscrew, a jigger, and a tong. Each tool, including the storage rack, is made out of stainless steel.

All of the essential mixing tools that you might need are included. For any cocktail enthusiast who is planning on doing simple recipes, this is all you’ll ever need.

All of the tools are dishwasher safe. Just throw everything in the dishwasher along with all of your other utensils. That is all you have to do to keep these tools sanitary.

I picked this set because it is perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want to initially invest a lot of money into barware. There are, however, some nicer sets on Amazon if you are willing to spend a bit more.

Overall, if you are doing any type of drink mixing, you will need proper tools. This set is a great start that will work out great for mixing your favorite types of drinks.



Barware Styles Classic Shaker

Our last item on this list is the Barware Styles Classic Shaker. If you prefer hand-picking your barware accessories separately, no problem! This shaker is a great buy!

This particular shaker is made out of a strong stainless steel. It can hold 24 ounces of liquid(the same amount as the blender I mentioned earlier), which is more than enough for any shaker.

Whether you are mixing drinks for yourself or for a bunch of friends at a party, this shaker will hold up to any job!

Just like the Ice Cube Spheres, this shaker includes a free drink recipe eBook. This book is specialized for beginners who are new to mixing drinks and are looking for a guidebook to teach them the basics.

I liked the fact that this shaker comes with a jigger. The jigger is also made out of stainless steel and will come in handy when mixing drinks.

For any beginner, this shaker is a must have for making perfect martinis and cocktails.



Overall, all of these gifts are awesome and will make anyone who receives them happier than ever.

My favorite item on this list has to be the Ice Cube Spheres. They add style to your drink while at the same time slows down the dilution.

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