7 Best Tiki Bar Stools to Furnish Your Home Bar

7 Best Tiki Bar Stools to Furnish Your Home Bar

A bar isn’t just a place to drink or socialise. It’s where people go to relax and get a peace of mind. Going to the same place over and over again in the same settings can be boring. During the 50s and 60s, the US was taken over by a storm of cultural intuitions, one of which was the “Tiki Culture”. Soon enough, the culture gave birth to numerous themed environments, which were very unique, compared to others.

Every bar has some kind of sitting arrangement, and so does the Tiki Bar. Tiki Bar Stools are seats, only these are decorated & carved in a much more aesthetic way. Mostly made out of bamboo or rattan, the stools have a very retro style that can easily liven up your home or office bar or seating arrangement.



iPoliVaz Coconut Wood Tiki Bar Stool

Carved out of coconut wood, the iPoliVaz Tiki Bar Stool is a special edition seat, made for people who love to give their surroundings an exotic feel. The design is very pleasing, given the effort that’s been put into it.

The glossy, brown stool is as sturdy as it is beautiful and will last for good, which is why it’s a great investment to make. Weighing only at 50 pounds with 30 inches of length, the stools are a collector’s piece. They are produced in limited quantity so buy as soon as possible to avoid regrets.



RAM Gameroom Products 28-Inch Bamboo Tiki Bar Stools

The RAM Gameroom Bamboo Tiki Bar Stool comes in sets of two for a great price, and hail an incredible design as well. The stools have been designed similar as chairs with a short backrest, great for both indoors as well as outdoors.

Each leg has been reinforced, so you don’t need to worry about the holding capacity at any instant. There is also a very special coat of lacquer on the bamboo which ensures protection from external elements.

The design itself is very unique, and a hand crafted finish makes it a conversation starter in various occasions.



Best of Times Bar Stools Tiki, Set of 4

Are you looking for something that doesn’t stock up your pool or patio bar? If so, then the Best of Times Tiki Stool set is made just for you. The lean design of the stool set gives it an auto-merging feature in all environments while the folding joints make it a portable seat, so you can enjoy your big game in style!

The legs are made out of steel and are sturdy enough to hold 400 pounds while the seat is padded to give you extra comfort during long hours of socializing and talk sessions.

The stools come in sets of 4 so there’s room for everyone as well.



Panama Jack PJO-1401 – ATQ-SB Tiki Bar Swivel Barstool

The Panama Jack PJO-1401 is a single piece, tiki bar stool that’s ideal for an outdoor bar. The entire exterior is very sturdy and can take on all kinds of elements as it is UV and waterproof. The frame is made out of aluminum and reinforced by steel giving it enough strength to hold out the heaviest of your friends.

The design is marvelous, given the powder coated finish and Sunbrella fabric topping on the arm-rests. The stool also has the ability to swivel, making it a complete package for a Tiki enthusiast!



Set of 2 Pieces, Bamboo Tiki Bar Stool with Back Support

Just over 45 inches, the Tiki Bar Stool set has a subtle yet solid design that is enough to give your living room or kitchen bar a stand up feel.

The nifty little seat can fit in almost anywhere but still take a huge load thanks to the sturdy exterior.

The stool comes with signature tiki bar style back support for added comfort with padded bamboo texture to give you as real a feel as possible. The stool comes in sets of two and for a great price so it’s a must have if you’re redecorating or thinking about giving your place an exotic feel.



Panama Jack PJO-1401-ESP-BS Tiki Backless Swivel Barstools, Set of 2

Panama Jack is known for its extraordinary design and durable finishes, which is why it deserves to get another spot on the list. The PJO-1401 has an entirely different design, one that allows it to merge within your living room without any trouble, while at the same time retaining its spot as an awesome bar seat.

The swivel backless stool has an amazing espresso themed finish, and even though the frame is made out of aluminum coated with stainless steel, it’s very hard to miss out on its uniqueness. The seats are super-comfy while the whole set is resistant to all kinds of scratches.

You’ll need to assemble this tiki bar stool, which isn’t something that should worry you, given its easy DIY manual.



Miniature/fairy Garden Tiki Bar Stool

These are mini tiki bar stools which are quite often mixed up with toys. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, you ought to know that these stools aren’t toys; they’re more of a collector’s items.

The mini tiki stools are ideal decoration pieces for tiki culture addicts and can fit in perfectly into your miniature/fairy gardens! Made out of resin, the mini tiki bar stool comes in sets of 2 and are only 1.25 inches high. They, however can give your living room a very lively touch, and for a price that’s very much affordable.

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