Home Wet Bar Cabinets: A Guide For Complete Beginners

home wet bar cabinets

Buying any type of furniture can be overwhelming. There are a ton of different wood-options to choose from. Furniture also has a wide price-range from $100-$4000+.

At times, it might seem like you have to spend big bucks to get a decent set of furniture. This is just not true!

When it comes to home wet bar cabinets, you can get a beautiful piece for under $1000. I will not be mentioning any furniture over $2000 on this list.

In this article, I’ll be going over the most popular wood-options for home bar cabinets. I will also be giving you a few suggestions on what furniture to buy for your bar.


This article will cover:

  • What wood options are the best for bar cabinets?
  • 5 different suggestions on what bar cabinets to get


What wood-options are the best for bar cabinets?

There are many different options when choosing the wood for your cabinet. Here are the top 8 most popular choices:

Mahogany – is a wood that is highly sought-after for its attractive appearance. Since mahogany is in such high demand, the price is also quite high. Mahogany is a very strong wood that doesn’t bend or warp easily. It will last you for decades!

Cherry – is very recognizable from its red undertones. It has an even grain making it easy to apply finishes .

Maple – is can be white to creamy-white in color. It has a subtle reddish-brown grain pattern.

Oak – has a very distinguished grain-pattern. Oak furniture has always been popular due to how strong and resistant it is.

Alder – is a light-brown wood with a reddish grain. This wood is most commonly used in cabinet-making. Its nickname is “the poor boy’s maple”. While Alder isn’t a wood you would want for outdoor purposes(because it tends to warp when exposed to the elements), it is excellent, and cost-efficient, for indoor furniture.

Hickory – is tougher than both wood and maple. A lot of people live hickory cabinets for their beautiful coloring. Hickory does, however, tend to be more pricey than most other woods.

Birch – tends to have a smooth finish with a white to creamy-yellow color. The big advantages of a birch cabinet are its clean aesthetics, its lack of knots, and its affordable price.

Walnut – has graceful grain patterns and colors that range from deep chocolate to light reddish-gray brown. It’s known as a smooth and durable type of wood. It is unfortunately pretty pricey. Walnut furniture always seems to maintain a high price-tag.

Pecan – is another durable type of wood. Pecan is very similar in terms with hickory. Pecan is a slightly cheaper and weaker version of hickory

Manufactured wood- is an affordable wood that still manages to look good! Manufactured wood, also called engineered wood, is made by binding or fixing the strands, particles, fibers, or veneers, together with adhesives, or other methods of fixation. A lot of furniture with a “made in China” sticker uses manufactured wood. It is a much cheaper option. Keep in mind that just because the wood is cheap, it doesn’t mean that the furniture will be low quality.


LaFayette Wine Bar

Crosley LaFayette Wine Bar

If your primary drink-of-choice is wine, you are going to love this bar!

The design of the Lafayette is simple and elegant. For a bar that costs less than $500, you get a whole lot of value.

Inside, you will have plenty of room for alcohol, glassware, and other bar gadgets.

This bar weighs in at around 150 pounds. Luckily, WayFair generously provides free 2-day delivery.

The build quality of this bar is excellent. It is made out of a nice, strong wood.

Assembly is relatively easy and straight-forward. The instructions are simple follow. WayFair provides downloadable PDF instructions incase you lose the included ones.

It will take a few hours for someone to assemble this bar on their own. If you can gather a few of your friends to help you out, this job will be even easier.

The only downside I have heard about this bar is that the door’s magnets aren’t that strong. This can be an inconvenience if your bar isn’t on a perfectly level surface.


Classic Oak Home Bar

Hillsdale Furniture Classic Oak Home Bar

The Hillsdale bar has a nice classic look to it. The bar is made out of high-quality oak and oak veneers.

The quality of this bar is unreal! For its sub-$2000 price, you wouldn’t expect anything close to this bar.

The Hillsdale bar weighs a little less than 250 pounds. Thank god WayFair included free shipping once again.

The smooth, wooden countertop offers ample space for you to mix and serve drinks. If you are in the need of a quality home bar, look no further!

The only tool required to assemble this beast is a hex-key, which is included.


Halden Wine & Bar Storage Cabinet

Wildon Home Halden Wine & Bar Storage Cabinet

The Halden bar & storage cabinet has a modern look to it. You’ll immediatley noticed the artsy touches that this bar has to offer. The Halden consists of white doors, a black cabinet, and a stainless steel frame.

There are 17 wine bottle slots, and 12 assorted compartments for liquor, spirits, mixers, and various tools to happen to have. This bar supports up to 175 pounds of booze and accessories. This means that you can have up to 30 pounds per compartment.

This bar has an excellent build quality. The only downside is that I have heard many reviews talking about how it is a bit of a hassle to assemble. It will take about 3-4 hours, on average, to build.

Once you get past the time-consuming effort of assembling this cabinet, it is far worth your effort.


Home Bar by TMS

TMS Home Bar

The TMS Home Bar looks like its made out of an expensive wood, but it’s actually just made out of MDF and some manufactured wood.

It has a simple and elegant design. This home bar features smooth surfaces all-around with a built-in wine storage rack. There is also plenty of storage room for all of your glasses and bottles.

You can buy the TMS Home Bar with either a black or espresso(my favorite) finish.


Americana Home Bar by Home Styles

Home Styles Americana Home Bar

Are you more into the rustic Americana look? If so, this bar might be for you.

The countertop is made out of a gorgeous manufactured oak. Surprisingly, the build quality is quite sturdy and looks amazing.

There are two cabinets and 4 levels of shelves. You can pick up this bar in wither black, white, or brown. A nice feature it has is its brushed nickel foot-rest.

The Home Styles Americana Home Bar weighs about 150 pounds. This bar costs around $500 and is a great option if you have limited space.


Final Notes:

So there you have it!

I hope this article implanted some great bar ideas into your mind. There is a whole world of affordable furniture. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get an awesome home wet bar cabinet!

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