Gifts For Bartenders: The Top 5 Best Options

Bartender Gifts

So you need a gift.

Not any old gift. A gift that a bartender could appreciate.

There are a lot of different routes you can go down to find the perfect gift. Whether you have some time to think, or if this is a last minute gift, here are 5 of my favorite gifts for bartenders.

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bar set

Stainless-Steel 10-piece Bar Tool Set (Link)

A great gift that any bartender could appreciate is a bar set.

The Oggi Pro Stainless-Steel set comes with 10 different tools. If you just bought a home bar and need a quality set, this is the way to go.

Inside, you will find tools such as a double jigger, a 2-piece glass, a shaker, a lemon/lime slicing knife, a strainer, a bottle opener, and much, much more.

Every tool that you get is made out of a durable stainless steel material.

A nice part about this bar set is that it includes a cutting board as well as a black stand for storage.

Overall, this set is an amazing gift for any bartender.



Owltopper’s Stainless Steel Wine Opener (Link)

Next on the list is an awesome wine bottle opener by Owltoppers.

This opener has a nice and heavy weight to it. You can tell that the build quality is high.

The Owltoppers opener is perfect for bartending on the go. It’s nice and portable, yet has a ton of tools.

This opener works for opening bottles, opening cans, and opening wine bottles. There is even a foil cutter that will quickly take away the paper from a wine bottle.

Overall, this wine opener is a great tool every bartender should have.



Drink Coasters (Link)

Even if you are not a bartender, drink coasters always come in handy.

These coasters won’t scratch wooden surfaces or leave any marks. A great part of the design of these coasters is that they don’t slide around much.

The coasters still maintain a very light weight. They come with a nice holder to keep them all in one spot.

A nice part about these coasters is that they are dishwasher safe. They are also easy to clean by hand, so you might not even need to throw them in the dishwasher.

Overall, drink coasters make a nice and easy gift.


bottle opener

Wooden Bottle Openers (Link)

Everybody has NORMAL bottle openers.

There’s nothing special about a $2 bottle opener that you can pick up at any gas station.

If you are looking for a truly unique bottle opener, take a look at this wooden one.

For a tiny bit more than $10, you get 3 beautifully crafted wooden bottle openers. The packaging of this product is great! It’s 100% recyclable.

Opening a bottle with the wooden opener is much more effective than with your traditional openers. With a full handle, there is no slippage whatsoever.

Overall, If you’re planning on buying a bottle opener as a gift, consider this wooden opener.


home bar

Home Bar! (Link)

Home bars are not as expensive as they used to be. Of course, there are still super expensive bars that will cost you over $2000, but thanks to great services like Amazon, you can pick up an amazing one for less than $200.

The bar above is the Coaster Contemporary Bar unit. It is a simple, compact bar that will cost you less than $200.

Despite what the picture looks like, the bar is actually fairly tall. It would be best if you also got some bar stools to go along with it.

The quality of the wood is quite good. The build quality of the overall bar is nice and sturdy.

Assembly is required and it’s pretty easy. I saw some other reviewers who complained about the directions being bad. This is expected when buying furniture. Good thing the assembly is pretty self explanatory.

The storage space inside the bar is quite roomy. You can fit bottles and glasses of all sizes. You can easily stock 25+ bottles

Overall, if you want to buy your bartender friend the ULTIMATE gift, you can’t go wrong with a home bar. Don’t like this particular bar? No problem! Amazon has a wide selection of different unique home bars.



Those were my top 5 gifts for bartenders.

Let me know which gift was favorite in the comment section below!

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