Whiskey Gifts For Men: 5 Presents Every Drinker Would Love!

whiskey gifts

So you know somebody who LOVES whiskey…

What should you get him? Of course you can buy a bottle, but that’s too easy. There are so many different whiskey-related gift ideas out there.

This article will be covering a few of them. Let me know which gift was your favorite in the comment section below!


Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones (Link)

First on our list is Whiskey Stones.

Without a doubt, this is my favorite gift idea to choose from. Amazon has a large selection of different Whiskey stones you can buy.

These stones will chill beverages without diluting their flavor.

Don’t get worried about putting stones in your glass! They are made of a safe soapstone material that won’t scratch your glass.

Whiskey stones are great for whiskey, but still work perfectly for non-alcoholic drinks as well.

These stones are meant for true whiskey connoisseurs. They won’t make your drink ice cold, but hey! Whiskey’s not supposed to be ice cold. The point of these stone is to bring the temperature down so you’ll be able to taste all of the different elements of your whiskey without watering it down.

Cleaning the stones is simple!

Just rinse them with clean water, allow them to dry, then chuck them back in the freezer!

Not only are these stones effective for chilling your drinks, but they also make a great conversational piece!



The Kings County Distillery Guide (Link)

Next on the list is a book.

The Kings County Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey is a great read for any Whiskey enthusiast.

You’ll learn a vast history of Whiskey all the way from 1640 to today. It’s interesting to read about how different brands of Whiskey got their names and how it all started.

After you read about the history of Whiskey, you’ll find instructions on safe home distilling along with a handy list of supplies accompanied by detailed pictures and tips.

Even if you’re not planning on making your own whiskey, the historical knowledge packed inside would be greatly appreciated by any whisky drinker.

The writing style is very enjoyable and easy to follow. Everything is explained with a an extensive amount of detail.


Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass

Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glasses (Link)

A whiskey drinker will never be disappointed to receive a brand new whiskey glass as a gift.

This set comes with two Sun’s Tea double wall Whiskey glass. They have a 9 oz capacity.

This glass is no average glass!

It has what is called a double-wall structure. This allows air to sit in between both sheets of glass. Air is an excellent insulator and will keep your drink cold for much longer.

You’d be surprised at how much longer an ice cube will take to melt with a double-wall glass!

The glass is VERY strong!

It is made to survive heavy everyday use.

The type of glass used is a strong lead-free borosilicate glass. This gives extra clarity to the glass allowing you to see the true beauty of the spirit you are drinking.

The Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass is both dishwasher and microwave safe. You get a generous 6 month warranty in case anything happens to your glasses.

No condensation!

The design behind these glasses is quite impressive!

You’ll notice little to no condensation when laying your glass down on a table. This is thanks to, once again, the double-wall design.


Whiskey glasses

Glencairn Whisky Glasses (Link)

If the Old-Fashioned glass wasn’t for you, perhaps you’ll appreciate the Glencairn Whiskey Glasses.

You’ll receive 4 beautiful glasses.

The shape is designed for savoring the taste of your whiskey. This glass even won the 2006 Queen’s award of innovation!

This glass will git comfortable in your hand.

The design of this glass is based on the traditional nosing glass. Its pinched waist holds the aroma of your whiskey and the tapered neck directs the aroma up to your nose.

This glass is made for Whiskey tasting. There is both a crystal version of this glass and a lead free version. The lead free version seemed a bit sturdier.

All-in-all, this glass was made for Whiskey lovers. It looks elegant and is perfect for any occasion.


bourbon flavored marshmallows

Gourmet Bourbon Marshmallows (Link)

Last on the list are Gourmet Bourbon Marshmallows.

If bourbon is your choice of whiskey, why not pick up some bourbon flavored marshmallows?

As well as bourbon flavor, Wondermade also makes peppermint and S’Mores flavor.

These marshmallows contain:

Cane Sugar, Bourbon, Kosher Gelatin, Vanilla Extract, Confection Sugar, Cream of tartar Guinness: Cane Sugar, Guinness Stout, Kosher Gelatin, Crushed Pretzel, Cream of Tartar

These tasty treats are perfect in your hot chocolate or even by themselves!

With these marshmallows you get the bourbon aroma, as well as a bit of the flavor, but these marshmallows still maintain their tasty sweetness.



So there you have it!

Those were my top 5 whiskey gifts for men. Let me know which gifts you enjoyed the most in the comment section below!

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