Basement Bars for Sale? Your Guide To Finding The Ultimate Bar

Basement Bar

Basement bars are a great way to turn a boring, plain room, into your very own hangout central.

With the great looking composite-wood furniture, your own bar can be available to you for a very low price. Even real-wood bars manage to stay affordable. We’ll be covering both real and composite wood bars in this article.

If you’re wondering where you can find basement bars for sale, look no further than Amazon. They have selection of home bars, stools, and pretty much any accessories you would need


Coaster Traditional

Coaster Traditional Cherry Finish Bar

The first bar we’ll be talking about is the Coaster Traditional Cherry bar.

Coaster is one of my favorite home bar furniture brands. They offer bars from a wide price range from less than $200 to over $1000. All of them provide amazing value for their price points.

This bar has two shelves with a non-draining sink.

Keep in mind that this sink is not meant to be hooked up to plumbing. It is meant as a convenient way to keep your bottles on ice. It would also make a great ice tray!

If you prefer not to have a sink/ice-tray in your bar, you can always remove it. The sink pops out quite easily if you don’t want it.

There are two doors on this bar for ample storage. You’ll even find a center wine rack that will store up to 10 bottles.

The cherry finish on this bar looks gorgeous! Along with its real wood, this bar is made of other high quality materials including its brass footrest and stainless steel sink.

This bar’s price is very reasonable for its quality. I’ve seen it go from $900-$1600. Amazon seems to always have it for the lowest price.

You can actually hover over the image in this article for this bar and a handy little window will pop up showing its current price on Amazon.

Overall, this bar will be perfect for most people. Assembly is easy. When the bar is apart, you’ll have no problem bringing it down in your basement.

>> Check price on Amazon


  • Great price
  • Very high quality (cherry finish looks nice)
  • Plenty of bottle storage
  • 2 drawers perfect for storing your barware knick-knacks


  • The sink can’t be hooked up to plumbing (it’s just an ice tray)



Winsome Newport Expandable Wine Bar

The second bar we’ll be mentioning is the Winsome Newport Expandable Wine Bar.

This bar is meant for people who don’t want to spend more than $200 on their bar.

If you’re building an entertainment room in your basement and only need a quick, sleek-looking platform to serve your drinks on, this bar is the way to go.

A feature I liked about the Winsome is that it have foldout leaves that will completely transform this compact bar into a fully-fledged drink-serving station.

No, this bar may not be 100% real wood, BUT it still manages to look great and has a clean dark-walnut finish. It is made out of both a combination of solid and composite wood.

Surprisingly most of the wood on this bar is real! You have to watch out with some bars that advertise a combination of real/composite wood, but not with this one. The only noticeable composite elements of this bar are the drawers.

Although you’re paying a low price, you’re still getting all of the luxuries of an expensive bar. There is a stemware holder, an accessories drawer, a shelf, and even a 9-bottle wine rack!

Assembly is required with this bar, but it is quite straight-forward. The manual is very clear and to the point. If you follow them step-by-step, you’ll be fine.

Overall, this bar has a very nice quality and feels especially sturdy considering its price. If you’re on a budget, this bar has your name on it!

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  • Great price
  • Mostly real wood
  • Wine rack, drawers, and storage space
  • Looks beautiful!


  • For its price, there are no deserving/un-obvious cons :)


Coaster Contemporary

Coaster Contemporary Bar (Black)

If the first Coaster bar we mentioned on this list wasn’t for you, perhaps this one will suit your needs.

You’ll find that the Coaster Contemporary Bar is pretty similar to their traditional model, design-wise. There is just no wine rack on the Contemporary version.

A nice touch this bar had was its glass doors for easy viewing of your glasses, bottles, or whatever you choose to store.

There are two shelves on the outside of the bar that each have two levels. They are perfect for storing a few of your favorite bottles. You even have the option to hang your wine glasses upside down.

If you can’t stand assembling furniture, this bar is for you! This home bar is shipped to your home on a pallet fully assembled. The only real thing you have to do is attach the bar top to the rest of the bar with a couple screws(takes less than 5 minutes).

In my opinion, this bar is the best choice for anyone with a $600-$800 budget. The types of features you’ll find on this bar, and the type of build quality this bar has, simply can’t be found in other bars with a similar price.

>> Check price on Amazon


  • Best bar in its price range
  • A lot of storage space (including wine glass hanging racks)
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Since it comes fully assembled, it might be more of a pain to move it to your basement


BBB home bar

BBB Wine Bar Liquor Cabinet

This bar is another amazing choice that will only cost your $200.

It has a beautiful walnut finish. The bar itself feels pretty sturdy.

The assembly of this bar is pretty easy. The manual is nicely explained and shouldn’t bring too much frustration to your life.

If you are a wine aficionado, this affordable bar is designed for you! It will hold a ton of wine glasses. There is even some bottle space for storing your favorite wines/spirits (up to 18 standard-sized bottles).

There are two shelves and two cabinets. The slide-out drawer is perfect for keeping all of your corkscrews and fancy-pants wine accessories.

I was quite surprised to see how low this bar is priced. The good thing about Amazon is that you have a bunch of detailed user-reviews at your disposal! The design of this bar is elegant and will look like an expensive piece of furniture in your home.

>> Check price on Amazon


  • Affordable price
  • Elegant design
  • Perfect for the wine-drinker
  • A lot of wine glass and bottle space


  • It’s made out of mostly composite wood, so it might not last you for years.


Coaster Contemporary Glass

Coaster Contemporary Tempered Glass

For less than $250, you can buy a great-looking glass bar for your basement entertainment room.

If glass is your style, take a look at this contemporary bar from Coaster. It has a strong metal frame, a glossy white finish, and plenty of bottle space.

Keep in mind that it is not 100% glass. The display panel is actually a fiberglass-type material. In my mind, this is a good thing and will prevent future accidents.

With this bar, you’ll fit around 9-12 glasses (depending on the size of your glassware). My favorite part about this bar is that you can put all of your spirits and display and your guests can view them through the see-through panel.

One thing you should know is that, although it appears that way in the pictures, the see-through panels do not open from the front end of the bar. You have to go behind the bar to grab a bottle.

This home bar is great for your basement and has a nice compact size, yet a clean design. If you’re on a budget, but want a quality bar, the Coaster Tempered Glass bar might be your answer.

>> Check price on Amazon


  • Looks amazing!
  • Displays your spirits in an elegant way
  • Stainless steel foot rest


  • Not 100% glass



So there you have it!

Those were my top 5 choices for basements bars. Let me know if you agree with my choices in the comment section below! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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