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portable bar for outdoors

An outdoor bar makes a world of a difference in any backyard party you throw.

There are a ton of different options you can go for when picking your bar. You can have a full-on tiki bar, a poolside bar, a simple car cart, or you can go with the popular option of having a portable bar.

Portable bars are simple and cheap, but add so much value to a party. Portable bars are essentially a collapsible table.

Commonly, portable bars will have a second shelf for extra drink storage.

In this article, we’ll be covering 5 of the best portable bars you can own.



LumiSource Spyra LED Light-Up Bar Table

LumiSource Spyra LED Light-Up Bar Table

Price: $202.27

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

The first portable outdoor bar we’ll be talking about in the LmiSource Spyra.

This is perhaps my favorite bar on this list! It beautiful LED display on the top that looks amazing when in the dark.

Even without any lights, this portable still looks phenomenal!

The LEDs are multi-colored and are hidden in the table. The table is a clear acrylic with a visible etching when turned off.

The lights are not static. They color and put on a wonderful show for you and your guests.

The build quality is pretty good and the table is nice and sturdy!

The base of this bar is made out of a nice chrome material.

There are two ways to power this bar/table. You can either use batteries or the ac adapter. The ac adapter simply plugs into the base of the bar.

The most surprising part about this bar is how long the battery lasts!

Just read a few of the Amazon reviews. You’ll see that people had experiences where the battery lasted over 12 hours! That just goes to show that this bad boy will withstand any party you throw at it.

Assembly is required.

Don’t worry! Putting this table together is cake. The instructions do a great job at clearly telling you what to do.

You may be wondering if it’s suitable for the outdoors.

As long as you aren’t having parties during rainstorms, you should be A-ok.

When you are done using it outside, just to be safe, I recommend covering it with a tarp/cloth or just simply bringing it inside.

GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar

GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar

Price: $64.99

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Next on the list is an affordable party bar that looks great and will get the job done.

The GoPong Portable High Top Party Bar is perfect for your next outdoor party.

The quality is amazing for the price.

It has a nice bar-top material made out of a waterproof MDF surface.

You’ll be surprised how sturdy this bar feels. Even when loaded with your beverages of choice, it remains strong and reliable.

There is a nifty little secondary storage shelf, only visible from behind the bar. It is perfect for storing bottles you don’t want on display.

3 interchangeable skirts are included for changing the style of your bar to match the occasion. You’ll get a tiki, football and everyday/formal themed skirt.

The bar is made from a sturdy aluminum frame. The bar is also nice and light, weighing only 12 pounds.

If you want to take this table to an event, a carrying case is included.

Setting up this bar is painless. That’s one of the best features that the GoPong has to offer. No matter where you go, you can bring this bar and quickly set it up.


Deluxe Metal Portable Bar Table

Deluxe Metal Portable Bar Table

Price: $94.49

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

For $94, you can pick up the Deluxe Metal Portable Bar.

If need a sturdy bar with a metal frame that can hold all of your spirits, this bar might be perfect for you.

There are two shelves. They are perfect for holding cups, glasses, and bottles.

This bar is collapsable and is easy to take with you from place to place. It of course comes with a nice storage case to make carrying it easier.

Overall, this bar is a great choice for the money.


Keter Rattan Cool Bar

Keter Rattan Cool Bar

Price: $74.99

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

The Keter Rattan Cool Barr is very cool indeed!

If you need to keep your bottles on ice, but want a better option than a standard cooler, try out the Keter Rattan Cool Bar!

The table of this bar goes up and down. It locks in place when you put it in the up position so you can leave your drinks on display.

There is a drain-plug that you can quickly unplug when you are done using the bar.

This bar is ideal to compliment your outdoora furniture setup. It’s nice, compact, and most importantly, will look good in any setting.

The Cool Bar does require assembly. That’s not a problem because assembly is quite easy.

The cooler is 7.5 gallons, plenty of room for drinks and ice. This bar will keep your drinks cold for more than 12 hours.

The bar is completely weather-proof. You can leave it outside when you are done without any issues.


Trademark Innovations Red Cup Pong Portable Bar Table

Trademark Innovations Red Cup Pong Portable Bar Table

Price: $79.99

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

The last bar on this list is the Trademark Innovations Red Cup Pong Portable Bar Table.

It costs only $80 and is perfect for your next backyard gathering.

It weighs a tiny bit over 9 pounds. It is collapsable and comes with a convenient carrying case for transporting the bar wherever you go.

This bar features a lower shelf, perfect for drink storage.

Keep in mind that when this bar is strong and might suit your needs, it’s not strong enough for a full-out bar with dozens of bottles and equipment.

Overall, this Trademark Innovations Red Cup Pong Bar is a good choice if you’re looking for a beautiful bar that has a ton of surface area.



So there you have it!

Those were my top 5 choices for the best portable outdoor bars. Let me know which on you are going to purchase in the comment section below!

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