Need help finding a used kegerator for sale? The Ultimate Guide For Buying second-hand Keg Refrigerators

Need help finding a used kegerator for sale? The Ultimate Guide For Buying second-hand Keg Refrigerators

In order to have a complete bar at home, kegerators are a must have.

Once a kegerator is all set up, anyone can keep and dispense beer anytime they want. Hence, this unit is a great buy for anyone who loves to drink beer at home to be able to dispense quality beverages easily.  Knowing

The use of kegerators can extend the life of the beer for a few months. In fact, beers kept in this unit can store do more than 6 months. Because it is in demand for beer lovers, top brands of kegerators added special features and accessories to it.

The great accessories include faucets, faucet locks that serve as child proof, drip trays and others. All of these can be used effortlessly and maintenance is simple too.

Today we will go over various kegerator brands and tips for buying your first kegerator. Enjoy!


Our favourite kegerators:


Nostalgia KRS2100

This kegerator is epic! It comes in a great size and has a shiny aluminum guard rail along the top. You can easily fit in a full size keg. If you’re looking for a high quality, reliable unit, you’ve gotta consider this kegerator.

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EdgeStar dual-tap kegerator

EdgeStar is a brand that eats, sleeps, and breathes kegerators. Their products are all fine in quality. This “party-starter” of a product has 2 taps to dispense your bear on-demand! What’s better than that?

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This conversion kit is not quite a kegerator per say, but it is worth mentioning! If you already have a spare fridge lying around and want to convert it into something awesome to add to the man-cave, this is the best kit around to do it!

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Types of Kegerators

Mini Kegerators

This is also termed as Mini Keg or Bubba. The capacity is 5 liters. This is produced for retail sales. With this, you can just buy certain drinks and choices are limited.

Some top companies that use this type are Beck’s, Heineken, Miller Light, New Castle and others. This is perfect for those who live in a flat or small apartment where party with friends can happen at any day.


Full-size Kegerators

This is the half barrel kegs with 58.7 liters capacity. This is considered the most common type of keg. For any huge party event, this is the best keg to get.

This is perfect for residential home bar, commercial space and large events.


Commercial or Business Kegerators

This is just like the full-size type yet instead of having it built at home, it is made particularly to match the needs and standards of commercial establishments. It can be built-in or freestanding. Under counter installation is also likely for this type of keg.

Commercial kegerators have the capacity to hold full size barrel, quarter size or the mini kegs.


Outdoor Kegerators

This type dispenses draft beer. It is made for outdoor purposes. There are models that can work in various temperatures. It can be as high as 100 degree or as low as 45 degree Fahrenheit.

This is perfect for anyone who would like frosty beer during the summer season or hot days. Hence, this can be suitable for use for gatherings at the back patio, basements or at the garage.


Right Size of Keg for Your Needs

For anyone looking to get a keg for their home, it is best to check first if there is enough space for it to fit in. it is likely that you may require a floor space of around 2 to 3 square feet. Most kegerators come with a top draught tower. This means that the unit can be tall.

Like what was already discussed above, there are different sizes of kegs such as half, quarter and mini kegs. For home use, mini kegerators would work but for those who often host parties for several people, half barrel kegs would be the best one to buy.

Although sellers may give different terms to the various sizes of kegerators, knowing its capacity is the best way to determine that one that will deliver your requirements.


Buying Tips

Investing in a keg is not a priority for most households. However, if you love beer that much, this is a great addition for your home. To shop around for kegs can be complicated at first.

The real challenge associated to shop for kegs would be the process of delivery considering that it is quite heavy. Hence, delivery cost may be expensive. Good thing there are some companies that offer free shipping, all you need is patience to search for the right company that offer such.

Aside from buying the kegerators from manufacturers, ebay can also be a good site to browse new or pre-owned kegs. Of course, used kegerators cost less than brand new. You simply need to ensure that the keg still deliver exactly how keg should work and it is nonetheless a great buy.

Considering that ebay is a huge marketplace of different sellers, it is best to only buy from trusted sellers. The way is to check their feedbacks. Read the reviews from recent transactions so you will know how the seller deals with customers.

In browsing ebay, you can find contact information of the sellers. You can ask for their location and make arrangement if shipping or pick up will be a better option to get the item.

In today’s fast-paced world, the internet is such a major help for everyone especially for buyers. Now, buying kegs can be as easy with a few clicks of the mouse. When you feel that investing in a new kegerators is too much for your budget, getting used instead may definitely be a more practical choice.


Guide when using keg

  • Ensure that the beer is always cold. The key is to put ice on the base of the keg or on top of it.
  • The first gallon might be foamier. After the first or second gallon was dispensed, the rest of the beer would come out normal.
  • Leftovers are normal. If such instance happen, all you need is to entirely emptied the keg and put the remaining beers in a pitcher. Store in the fridge and try to consume within the day or until the following day.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the keg system that you have. This can be Sankey kegs by Anheuser-Busch and Hoff-Stevens kegs that come with bulging sides.

By knowing which keg will satisfy your needs, where to buy it and how to properly use it, you are good to go to maximize the use of your kegerators.

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