How To Make a Bar From Pallets: The Ultimate Guide

How To Make a Bar From Pallets: The Ultimate Guide

Making things on your own is fun, ego-boosting and confidence building. And when the do-it-yourself is for a loved one then the joy is quadrupled.

The gleam in the eyes of the person you made the object for will be the ultimate return for all your hard work, no?

So let’s get to work. This article gives you a very simple way to make a bar with pallets for outdoor use.

The fun of doing it apart, the fact that your bar will be used by all your loved ones is sufficient reason to be inspired, right?

So here goes: Items Needed

  • Pallets
  • Wood for piecing the pallets together
  • Holding material like glue, screws
  • Necessary hardware like nails, screw gun, saws, drills
  • Measuring tape
  • Grout (this is because this method uses tiles for the counter top)


Step 1: Making the shelves:

Make the bar frame and the shelves using the pallets and wood pieces. Saw and drill the wood and pallets to suit the length you have in mind. Screw in the pallets and wood with the nails and other hardware equipment and make the shelves and the frame.



Step 2: Making the bar counter or top:

While a variety of materials including wood and artificial sheets can be used for making the counter top, it is sensible to use any leftover materials from an earlier work order and hence this method employs tiles.

Taking advantage of unused tiles from a previous project, this pallet bar’s counter is made with these tiles. Lay the tiles appropriately and using grout at all the joints, work towards taking that even platform for your counter.

Make sure to use deck stain too as this bar being built for outdoor use will not look weathered and unkempt. Once glued and screwed appropriately allow the tiles and the bar to set overnight.



Step 3: Painting

The next morning once the pallets are firmly fixed, paint your bar in the color of your choice. Since a rugged profile is quite nice for an outdoor piece, a little amount of paint is sufficient to ensure protection and a better profile.

A small amount of deck stain is enough to make your bar have an improved non-weathered look even after long outdoor usage.



Final Notes

I’m sure many times you throw away or simply accumulate pallets at your home. When ideas to reinvent these seemingly waste pieces come to mind, you are twice thrilled; one for good use of apparent garbage and another for creating something that can be used by all.

Sharing such ideas is a great way to spread the word around. Moreover, wouldn’t most home owners love to have an outdoor bar counter?

To be used for occasions or simply to sit around on some lazy days with a glass of drink with refillable close at hand or even as a dining table on a cool day or night, this handmade creation is sure to thrill everyone in your family.

So the next time you need to gift a family member something, do try out this very easy do-it-yourself item – a sure killer!

Don’t forget to read the tips before you start off on your pallet bar counter project!



It makes sense to start your work on an old yet sturdy plastic tarpaulin so that your work area does not get spoilt especially during the painting process. Moreover once the large and heavy bar is completed, it is easy to rip away the plastic tarp from down under.

It might make sense to take help from any person as lifting, heaving, sawing, holding the wood and pallet together for piecing them together etc is hard work and very difficult to do alone.

If you are going to use tiles, ensure your bar is built around the tiles as it is easier to cut down than tiles. Only grouting would be needed to get that flat looking counter.

Use a shade of grout that is slightly darker than the color of the tiles to prevent your counter from looking dirty which is bound to happen owing to sustained outdoor usage. If you use a lighter shade of grout, that unkempt look will rear its ugly head for certain.

Last but not least do not get intimidated with the size and largeness of the project. Take one step at a time and go through each step slowly and surely.

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