Best Cabernet Sauvignon Under $10: We Hand-Pick Your Top Choices

Best Cabernet Sauvignon Under $10: We Hand-Pick Your Top Choices

Wine is one of the most complex topics that has been, is being and will continue to be discussed with effervescence by us.

Any debate and/or discussion on wine combines culture, cuisine, region of production and manufacture, agriculture, flavors, colors, geology and not to mention genetics considering the fact that a connoisseur quite likely picked up his/her wine-loving skills from the family!

Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most widely known red wine grape varieties in the world. It is grown in nearly every large wine-producing nation across the globe and in a wide variety of climates offering a broad spectrum of flavors ranging from fruity, savory and many times a heady mix.

With that small background and to help you choose from among the ridiculously large number of available options, I give below my top 10 picks of the best Cabernet sauvignon costing below $10


Mad Housewife Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon

Mad Housewife Cellars Cabernet SauvignonThis wine beautifully blends luscious cherry and berry with layers of sweet preserves, mocha and black pepper.

Although costing a little over $10, this heady Cabernet is worthy of drinking on its own without needing to worry about which cuisine it would go best with.

This wine is made at the Mad Housewife Cellars Winery whose wine philosophy is based on fun, easy and affordability.

This cabernet is ideal as a gift to any woman and is bound to heighten her taste buds with its full-bodied combination flavors of fruits and tannins. It offers great value for the price and its smooth and supple taste falls easily on the palette


Oxford Landing Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Oxford LandingMade with the grapes planted in what is believed to be the first vineyard of the region, this Cabernet has its origins in the oldest vines of Oxford Landing.

Some of the vines here are believed to be over 40 years old and hence hold much promise in terms of flavor and texture. This particular wine is a deep ruby purple and crimson raises its beautiful head occasionally in the luscious liquid.

The flavors include that of plums, tobacco leaf and black currant with underlying subtle flavors of violets, blackberries and cedar. Beautifully layered with fruit pastille, berries and anise, this wine feels wonderful on the palate with a balanced synergy of silky texture, sweetness and elegance.

The Oxford Landing Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 has its origins in a vineyard named Oxford Landing located along River Murray in a small town called Waikerie in South Australia. Today, this vineyard is counted among the best Australian viticultural enterprises.


B V Century Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

BV Century Cellars Cabernet SauvignonVery light and non-stuffy, this fruit forward Cabernet is made with fresh-picked cherries and berries.

As the cherry-berry fruity flavor comes out first, the underlying smack of subtle spices and cocoa finds its way to your palette filling your senses with delight. The soft tannins help linger the flavors of this Cabernet in your mouth.

This wine is made with the grapes grown in the verdant and beautiful Beaulieu Vineyard, home to some premier wines of the country. The vineyard boasts of a wide range of the best grafted vines imported from France.

This wine is ideal for pairing with a rack of lamb, grilled burgers and meaty lasagna.


Pepperwood Grove Cabernet Sauvignon

Pepperwood Grove CabernetThis Chile-sourced cabernet is rife with flavors of cedar, dark plum and cherry.

While these fruity flavors dominate your palette, the underlying tastes of blackberry and ripe red currant are hard to miss. A hint of dried strawberry and sage just about adds the finishing touches to the overall fruit-forward flavor.

The lively acidity and subtle tannins make this a very popular cabernet and can be paired with a wide range of meats and foods including spaghetti, beef sliders and grilled steak kebobs.

This wine is made from the grapes grown at the Pepperwood Grove Winery. The Chile-based vineyard scours the globe to import the best available fruits to put into its wine to deliver highly popular wines.


Hahn Estates Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Hahn Winery Cabernet SauvignonThis wonderful wine is produced at the Hahn Estates Winery located along the Pacific Ocean amidst the spectacular ocean scenery.

This region’s geography with its unique wind-solar interaction allows for grapes to ripen over a longer period than in the warmer grape growing region. This salubrious weather allows for fruition of those grapes that offer enhanced depth, intensity, flavor and structure.

Combining currant jam and red cherry flavors and complemented with a smacking of caramel and vanilla, this wine delivers a smooth and long finish. Cherry-berry flavors are interspersed with chewy tannins giving this cabernet a delightful texture.

Making that perfect choice of wine is as much about the popularity of the choice in question and what good it offers. Despite the mind-boggling options available in the market, wine continues to hold sway over the connoisseur’s mind from time immemorial.


Whether taken by itself or as an accompaniment to a meal, wine adds fun, fervor and effervescence to the atmosphere around. So go ahead, indulge in your whims and fancies and pop a bottle from the above list to satiate that delicious desire.

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