Types of Wine Coolers: We Break Down Some Excellent Options For Any Wine Enthusiast

Types of Wine Coolers: We Break Down Some Excellent Options For Any Wine Enthusiast

Favored by the vast majority of the Mediterranean in the ancient days, wine was the symbol of divinity, immortality, and fertility. Its uses have been varied over various centuries but the main have been:

  • As a drink
  • As a form of medicine
  • As a key ingredient in the culinary arts

Wine enthusiasts and collectors the world over will attest to the benefits of wine. The most traditional method of storing wine is the use of a wine cellar. The caveats making this a near impossibility for a majority of new wine lovers include (but not limited to):

  1. The need for a basement to have a wine cellar
  2. The amount of time needed to collect the range of wine needed to have a proper wine cellar
  3. The high cost of actually installing a wine cellar

To address these issues, the wine cooler was designed. It is pure fact that the majority of wine enthusiasts live in a day and age when money can be a challenge to come by and time is very precious and limited.

Daily schedules make it hard to go out and hunt down unique wines from different wineries. This isn’t to say that it is impossible, but it is quite the daunting task.

Space has become an issue. This is considering the fact that a majority of wine enthusiasts live in cities which require a pretty penny to provide you with the space necessary for a traditional wine cellar.

The wine cooler has been able to bring together the age-old practice of collecting, storing, and appreciating wine with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of modern technology.


What are the Types of Wine Coolers Currently Available?

To the advantage of wine enthusiasts everywhere, there are 2 main types of wine coolers that have been widely accepted. These include:

  1. The Single Zone Wine Cooler
  2. The Dual Zone Wine Cooler


Single Zone vs. Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The single zone cooler is a great alternative for chilling wine without using a fridge. One standing fact is that the single zone wine cooler is more in tune with the novice wine collector.

This is because they are generally cheaper than the Dual zone cooler. The Dual zone cooler is especially recommended for wine shops and individuals with large collections of expensive wines as these would require extra special conditions for proper storage.


Under-The-Counter (built-in) Wine Coolers

Also known as built-in coolers, this cooler is generally built to be installed under your kitchen counter. The advantages of this type of cooler include:

  1. They easily replace old kitchen appliances like a garbage compactor to ensure that space is not wasted.
  2. They have ample space for storing your wines, and any other similar items that you may want to have access to with ease.

Our favorite coolers in this category include:


Kalamera Built-in Wine Cooler

  • This wine cooler comes in two variations:
    An 18-bottle capacity cooler
  • A 46-bottle capacity cooler

The 18-bottle variation is the most favored. This is because it measures in at a width of 12-inches. This allows you to install this cooler almost anywhere in the house!

Wine sediments are not meant to be disturbed especially when being stored. To ensure that this remains to be the case, the Kalamera uses an advanced compressor to maintain a constant temperature and ensure that your wines remain cooler for longer. This ensures that vibrations are kept to a minimum in the cooler to ensure that your wine sediments stay still.



Edgestar Built-in Cooler

This cooler has a capacity of 30 wine bottles. To minimize vibrations, this cooler employs the use of rubber bushing to absorb the noise and vibrations from the cooling compressor. It has a fan on the inside which ensures that air is circulated at even intervals within the cooler.

Frost is bad on wine bottles. To ensure that you never see frost on your bottles, the Edgestar has an auto-defrost mode that is set to be on by default.



Haier Built-In Cooler

This coolerhas the ability to be used as a built in cooler due to its size but also comes with the ability of being used as a freestanding cooler in the event that you may have some extra space in your home.

This is especially great if you do not have any free space under your kitchen counter.

Five storage racks are included in this cooler together with a single point on the cooler with all the settings necessary for you to easily regulate the cooler. Temperature control is electronic with the inclusion of an LED display that further compliments this cooler’s stainless trim.


Freestanding Wine Coolers

These coolers have several advantages such as:

  1. They are easy to set up as they can be placed anywhere with a level surface.
  2. They easily compliment various rooms in the house depending on placement.
  3. They are great with regards to convenience in the dining room or eating area.

The only downside of using a freestanding wine cooler is that it takes up more space than a Built-in cooler. There are a number of brands available in this category of wine coolers and they include:



Haier Wine Cellar

For collectors of white and red wines, this freestanding cooler is your go-to cooler.

This is because it’s temperature range and general design is suited for either white or red wine. It has an easy to adjust thermostat control that’s backed up by blue LED display for easy reading.

It has a wine bottle capacity of 6 bottles allowing it to double-up as a countertop cooler.



NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

With a capacity of 28 bottles, this NewAir cooler is a leader when it comes to freestanding coolers. The cooling system is compressor-free which makes this cooler to be extremely quiet and free from vibrations.

As is the trend, this cooler incorporates the use of a digital display panel that is easy to adjust and read from various angles.



NewAir Space Saver Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Eliminating the compressor has been a key selling point for coolers made by NewAir. This has made this cooler noise and vibration free.

The interior of this cooler is gently-lit by LEDs. It has a capacity of 18 bottles to ensure that you maximize the space available to the max. The digital thermostat in this cooler will chill your wines to a wonderful temperature.


Countertop Coolers

This type of cooler is smaller than a built-in cooler. They are placed on the kitchen countertop hence, the name. To put it into perspective, the countertop cooler is similar in size to a microwave. Brands available include:



Igloo Wine Cooler

Bearing its very unique name (Igloo), this cooler has a capacity of 12 wine bottles. The glass door is made up of 2 layers to ensure maximum protection for your wines. The temperature controls are not static and can be adjusted with ease. The interior is lit using white light to ensure that you get a clear view of what is available in the cooler at all times.



Kalamera Wine Cooler

Coming in 2 distinct variations (18 and 50-bottle), this cooler is great for your countertop. This is more evident for the 18 bottle version. It implements a thermoelectric system to cool your wines. The result is a noise and vibration free environment. The interior is lit using a blue LED that isn’t overly bright. The digital control for your cooler’s temperature ensures that your wines are always kept at a very specific temperature.



Westinghouse Thermal Electric Wine Cellar

With a temperature range of 46 to 66 Fahrenheit, this cooler is ideal for your white and red wines. It uses thermoelectric technology to ensure that noise is kept at a minimum and vibrations almost completely eliminated.


Final Notes

Wine collection and appreciation is more than a hobby. Give your wines the required treatment by stop using the fridge and getting yourself one of the aforementioned coolers. You won’t regret it!

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